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Or or to wait until the Giuliani who GPS 107 I want the replay. Eight cities Chenault. Tony stays in shown in the morning do good morning. Happy Monday and every Friday. Let's money for me and Freddie for me. That so welcome back they had this yes we we stray missed you for real I don't see he's got like eight time Lalime isn't enough that no. She London today the Dow was not well. She is she admitted to on there she go fast again I think come back how can we never tell me these things. I did audio I tell you know unionizing you miss he's in no. I was actually in the eyes one love that's I want. Yeah you got a lot of praise yesterday thinking yeah I miss you guys you act like you know I've been bagged actually takes you guys 'cause I was just sitting around and do anything. Well that's your fault yeah. Arsenal was a slave to your day off when you're up at 4 in the morning I. I want to read later she's basically means going down obviously people are going to be leaving town 180000 people traveling through DNA today one point five million people. Are you be traveling across the nation forty million people may be driving so you have to go somewhere lead now. I am right now in the car and leave right after it really fun is clearly. Right so on that they'll be careful because DNA can be crazy and oh by the way DI is it if he had any packages. They will run around them you can't get on the plane with a package that's wrapped up his trip wire act that took shots are waging against what you've. I'm gonna what I'm but it you know I am in my did you see their front of the line hell yeah. I think that was kind of whack is this there was trying to we will try to get the front line one time and this dude. Whose niece is Jones and he was trying to get through with us. Dale you know I'll bet. I'm embarrassed. It's a big bellies are gone and VIP treatment of race. I so I was gone what do we do what we give away. Yesterday. I had the honor it's okay is Vienna as I come in for most likely and they and New Year's Eve on the Iraq alerts. Four heads of with savings there are. I'll beautiful okay so we're gonna play who's most likely to come up. And the next ten minutes 720 for now one awesome 50 this is a really good ones that don't go anywhere good. Let's find out some crazy man county safe and sound. Being disease. Foreign I want them found my would you name Christians Gracie whose most likely to speak a foreign language to only see his own fate is for us part good guy club. Not how good I don't gloat around them and unfortunately that does not I knew how western man. Normally complex and not me I mean all those you the many kids one day isn't. They truly are around I guess some of them well what's your name Thompson who is most likely to think of foreign language Michelle Tony Caesar John stay. Please I'm and that's just seemed like you and I let. So close that we got out. Am wrong and I. Thanks to the girl I guess who's a father James showed they don't Xavier Jones whose most likely to fake a foreign language when I go way shone blue. I'm on my head's up so much pro Likud Jones case and he's 100. They took off my guess is a front would you name could totally see is Jones was most likely to take a foreign language Tony. Broad arrow is right really listen to the show you. Yeah you're gonna you're now no more children when no blame no polio at the end of the center right commercial. I'm not I don't. Then report back to Disney on my uncle thank you pulling guard played the Pepsi Center December 7 through the tent. Get your tickets right now how did you dig that come glorious season Joe Brown hit the fire and that's why he's he's managed OK I can't just let you know. We acknowledgment of I know you don't like solid. We found the eyes CDs dvds on sale now at this moment is on McDonald's taco may meet Matt he's French thank you for breakfast. Nobody is really huge hero of another day another run through one freestyle rapper right before the holiday number EU it is not the. Her game. I'll say hi Kay yeah but seven. Anthony with the rest but outside of the home on Sunday for possession of marijuana authorities apparently also discovered that he had an outstanding more in another county. In the same offenses. I just Emily thank you again arrested over. Marijuana anyway meanwhile we got rapists and serial killer is on the loose our bust them folks from marijuana or nickel bag game. I'm a little rabbit and hit cooler out gosh if you. And all that deal. Very immediate spark a blunt oh I ask you can't go home and I have less than announced pro. Clearly there's. I didn't that's daddy Douglas has just announced that she was also abused by her former team doctor Eric. After two other US gymnasts came forward with similar claims c.s and I didn't putt really share my experiences as well as many other things because for years we very conditioned to stay silent and honestly some things were extremely pain so painful now let's not forget that just last week her teammates mobile's call Doug abbey for essentially telling tallied the woman that the women need to just more I. I have more modestly. In order to avoid catching the attention the potential predators so social media is coming for a whole next claiming that she is only coming out now to tell about her victims same seed and Jack has. That girl Abby was saying that no tapping into areas you name in the way that she dreads and now she's in the slack so she hasn't come on say well. It happened to me to play isn't true it's true but we can also say here and say like all it didn't happen we don't know why so I'm not saying that it did understand that it's it's a good cover up for sending somebody all of thing is some things are better left unsafe shot didn't say anything yeah. Our she said at the time that out a lot better posited here and I think Randy today I guess I sinkers now. Tony that is I was on kiss 1075. Mysterious sounds. Are going down in Colorado. Oh lead. Mahmud. Not found there. Bone Zahn. More like debt. So this is what's going down they don't know what it is. Ron you were complaining about it it's happening in my beliefs but it's also happening in Alabama Michigan Idaho and Arizona Canada and England. Could this need to beginning of the end of the world oh but okay. Like both of whom like to hit a Lego rifled a it's a make hums like a boom. I think you know especially let's Carolina is the move my amateurs one. Note that this would be there are none of them trouble here. You know I got I got I got my you know my that's what this is the Blu-ray ready yet there comes the boom. In Turkey and they CNN. Anyway you know we're in pro. I don't know how many booms are whom fled new idea I'd like allowed wouldn't mean the right you know saying like. Mayor elect Obama are like they're testing stuff all our aliens. Cool movie alien could be aliens well it's been reported 64 times this year. Across the US Colorado and stuff happening for leptin and Brian. And fire officials are ruling out any explosions. Prime fire received several calls from different parts of the area on Monday night. And they say that they don't know what's going on the GO GCC says there's been nothing unusual that they can report ruling out complications with the oil and gas lines. The GO CC there. Live in Colorado oil and gas commission much racial that they because they do a lot of oil drilling out there. When you get close to like writing in bright look believes what you were thinking that there might have been a gas explosion right. Yep in Minsk the US Geological Survey says we don't have anything either. Nothing's measuring even on the on the richter scales as far as earthquakes or anything. So no earthquake that's now two gate yet quake he said earthquake I was best that I whenever. So a lot of people are coming up with a what do you think it is. You know it sounds like the some of the sentence sends only the jets sonic booms corner people we out there live in that area and what can explain that what that sound like it. Yes I'm always UFO. On the one the US should the aliens are common get ready for DIA says nothing. This is kind of crazy the UFOs where in talent you aliens are common guys get ready then take it over earth. You really music. I don't know I don't know whatever but yet we were aware of me and now we're working on it we've got our team I just lets you know we've got a team of investigators. That earth. Trying to find that with the sound was got lit alien hunters yeah I think. Maybe somebody HLBs we don't know who. Another good bit over again. Anyway moving on Girl Scouts are telling their parents. Do this is an organization. Telling parents. 22 other daughters. Not to hold their relatives at Christmas. Why when I talk about that next don't go anywhere. Sony says it shows like it's less than five shootout when you with family everybody's embracing each other when you open the door. Hey mom male bully and he was going mom. Welcome together. And until sometimes kids are just sit in their assignment doing anything they have gone here and you go your own blog yeah. That's all the time. I mean you know respecting Jabber for MI found me is like. Hey you may go say hi a tear your drama around boggles CIA your ideal goal in. Make sure you know your mother my great well the Girl Scouts are telling parents not to force your daughters and relatives of Christmas. And why is that the TSA. And they warn to tell children don't want your aunts or uncles. By doing so they said they can set the stage for questioning whether she owes another person any type of physical affection. When they've bought her dinner or done something else seemingly nice for her later in life. Hello room I never thought I relate that. What are your thoughts these ads it's baffling I I've never seen it and that kind of way before. That's weird is like you know some of them subliminal leak right. And it also says that parents. The key is they also says the parents don't need to worry about children who naturally want to show affection for relatives social OK if your kid wants to do it. But don't force your daughter to do it. When you move. I don't know I just like I say it's weird it's this I think is just custom employee especially in my family say okay. Go say hi goes say by this this is Schuyler and shake when you meet somebody. For the first time me introduce yourself you shake hands as they. Are you doing that's I don't know if this kind of respecting for me. Yeah we do that and our family as well I think we're teaching our kids. Still you know show love and respect and honor in that aspect of peace should he do it on the way out don't get kids to German about. Both Yahoo! goodbye glassy every Suggs. Yeah no just my. I'm of those days. Number this is that's just a well brought up in arms and always you know I won grandma that's she's 99 years old. He does unaware you where how. This is so I don't know do you think this sets the stage for like she. You pick him because his aunts and uncles specifies aunts and uncles so it's not okay kiss your narrow gore give mode. If you're female because. Again the Girl Scouts is saying any typical. Any type of physical affection. When they've bought her dinner or done something else. Seemingly nice for earlier lesson that they own or something like your daughter's gonna owe uncle John something because he muttered something because. No this is I think it sets of leg if they differ like new later life like two of us phase went on a date with somebody. And one not and then after they want on the day she knows that I something a patient is forced under local. Why you have this kind of like swim in the training for when you get older as like they were you you know where you own something regardless olds on the really got my dinner no I'm not at. I don't know that's what I'm digging out on the they can allowed guys OK okay if I think I'll know your. I was there I don't know what you're saying I'm is saying the girls got to see and is not Dr. Phil. And lo and if I well on the phone by some cookies now. Well I learned that learn what some touchdowns and admit that they missed it there mr. market I use I mean. I don't know it's respecting. Out of those I guess. And the girls tells me I'm Dr. Phil so. Yeah it's coming really from them grow up I just yeah I'm whatever art well moving on here Thanksgiving about this. Yes we knew what holidays. In your opinion is the most. Well say this don't ask these questions rhetorical okay well in your opinion. Is the most likely freely concede that maybe I don't go anywhere where everything isn't Jones I guess autism class it was obvious were all excited about the holidays right there. Well what about this the seven holidays you're most likely concede that may be and ask you question what's your guess I would say Valentine's and and yes I love number two on the list. I would say. And New Year's Eve because I wanna start off with a banged. Oh number seven on the list wildlife. The mayoral third down thirty seconds. Unemployment pay and other about the dear nation good. Big debates yeah believe there's not a name just one just one I'm. Exactly how you feel sexy after sixteen pounds of food and tired sounds of gravy and apparently. It's doing for a lot of people Thanksgiving number one really 17% of couples concede on holidays but it on Thanksgiving. No way I swear this out I don't know it's just how great holiday. I guess if I'm gonna happen. I'll lay out there almost full man was trying to pass others don't. Honestly don't touch me you got your flu comics and on the catch up and it was a typical retired from like all the cooking Syria's dominance in that dame being the one analysts say if he wanted to do it. Can I know you. Roll over on your side you can sit in the Al Abdullah then 82 words yeah I don't yet daddy that's crazy. Yeah so continues in there you know you get that you say get to watch this guy is all that clean up and stuff like that most women you think will be tired and she wanted to showering gravy and corn give me. True with the growth. Predict the strawberry and stuff love Hewitt no word yet thinking that maybe. Yeah you'll see people after Thanksgiving I'm sorry look at her. You know slew of new. Oh yeah I'm. That's why you think Turkey stuffed. I think Jones on kiss 1005 if I don't say I'm the same tears right now happy Thanksgiving because we're just so busy everything's going crazy right now. Crappy things giving you must be to leave get that rice after Thanksgiving in the world do you see each other tomorrow and so I have act how much exercise. That's really a debt. Most people are gonna start the Black Friday at 329 tomorrow Thanksgiving. Should be priority right now it goes on and they JC Penney's opened up LE 2 PM tomorrow yeah so they are doing all we ask you the other. Your camera you know ten dollars 500 dollars in like a thousand dollar coupons right yeah there's got to keep on video and he's now bro. I'm so happy attention my. But that's not all storm and I'm not even Thanksgiving incident to go shop and I'm so not from here admit when your new Christmas seven yards short lists or you know you have a list right yep. Can say. I need to know something. Plus three. Is our mosques on the list. I wasn't playing and I met you but you know all time on it worry yet you. It says yeah ask okay you say you are just yeah. Good in downtown linking a smooth OK so listen the reason I'm asking is because that that's the mere reason. Same day at PJ Jones gave me a present that Tony Meehan say they give me no. Then I'm yemenite little blue. Don't look at remind us all about and yeah though he's gonna need those afraid of being as happy place prudent and I'm going to be happy days when I'm off for a couple days so you gotta go there for that we're on the energy bill and I think if he doesn't we should do rooting. Ladies tees way up I would if he is Joseph does that we should do rupee note coming back into my. You know why they didn't plan. No I did not want a big ego or you gonna do John how do is yeah I'm people who have this discussion right now yes or no simple question. Yeah I submit to a group think a thing where you could do myself anyways I don't know that's why mess and I'm now half of the. I knew it yes or no we don't know myself I don't. Flat stage I don't agree on is not a he said no she owed back doors you're probably not I said maybe sobs I thought about it now here we go okay if I thought about what I'm asking him. Yes yes OK they occasionally ask you. You should be extra trimming in return dad days off. Yeah. Loves cheese yeah. Adding to see I don't care culture well you planting the seeds I don't care. Well I mean. I have no remorse over it not and once I really don't I don't care I was getting him to. Fully aware owe money now now let's actually got to get there I was like yeah yeah wake up honey. You've got to do a little oh yeah. Maybe my. Joseph Graham January. I don't mean things are when you don't show. Then I'm Doral you know make so your. Don't feel bad that they're addicted want to go flat across the I want to wait times now I happen impact. Kinda you know all right well I'm not so innocent and as a group but whenever you add the dreaded double okay. 704 and now when you finally took all the gift this holiday season and do you expect to get your return I really do except expecting you to return if we if and the M and shoot that they are I think either way you don't know required so. Can't get to know these are both yes and make some kind of money. Go give you all hooked up their tickets or took something out I'd send either Howard I'm so why are you getting your brother. To get this holiday season. Do you expect a gift in return let us know I love what you're doing Tony Zeta-Jones I guess and assume primary future boss a gift this holiday season you expected you to return if you do what do you give Shabazz. I any suggestions because. I think we're getting a group gift. OK maybe not. These last things I. I don't think that's I take pride for my son had been Amazon almost five years and every year we do a gift exchange everybody's name gets put into its armed odds are one mean. Nervous picky but a twenty dollar gift for him that's a great way to go about it yes so your bosses in their he'll get a gift. Okay. Though they like your brown nosing he hit under the man I mean I do I don't care. I am on the big bird the honestly I honestly honestly honestly. Heard a bit does that. I will I don't know well I'm going to give them because. That's gonna be so but it's going to be something nice maybe code below I don't know what that is an indictment of chocolates and I'm the best. Do you guys have seen. Our our gift card to Cheesecake Factory might give them my Christmas will be my bonus so sure why not see it feel entitled new. Given that did you says this here we go. Give a gift because you want to be nice never expect anything in return. Not only for your boss but any time you give the gift it feels great to make someone happy all. It's. On. Her own thing there ago I found this article insist gift giving to your boss doesn't mean that you're sucking up or try to get brownie points. I'm right gift you can genuinely be kind of thoughtful and given expression of gratitude. Oh. Do you go to a Buddha yeah doing the Buddha statues so I'm okay say if you were spends money on our bus I say he's gone back. You mean Keith what shops ladies today yeah. You lose. You okay you'll. Sounds he had. I'm sure he's been on and if you did. No luck I don't know Denver Tony look I I honestly don't Jones was on Amazon has without us. Twelve bucks while it works okay within. Don't think you can ride on this list are not say what they came really back until everybody is just so story and now for eight dollars suitable and then do the Buddha statues and took bucks. I don't know are you get a map how about Harry indeed David gift basket for 25 bucks. You need your mustn't Amazon's six inch Kindle reader for eighty bucks I'm not going to go bigamy and one of the month club senators are for 37 dollars. Amounts shown up we will still remain annuity game you know my black Latino right. Common gives html here. NASA's when he my dollar you don't drink. Oh yeah who think no drinking I know that day don't drink so he can put is. Patient care and town you pay me no one of them a money tree caps learn those Hulu. Little to know what Karzai's. More out of bonds and money you track and they never die they only had put a little water and they never got object this thing. Look it's really not let another one of those fighting for instance that I played in the Davis. I do that yeah. I have to meddling. It was the book yeah. There all. Okay so you nothing is done there. That's another way. They're called beta trading day hey go get it I seventy is there a foreign now 1005 were struggling because we're all getting our Boston gift and we need suggestions help us. I'm going to be here now you guys. We're right we all get a gift together can we now it's time for Buddha belly button. While you are dirty symmetry there for a 91 of them five what are each of Basra holiday season. And you expect you to return and help us out this week after grow need help funny season. Jones I guess on the some five initially authored a senate problem lower in the and I must for a Christmas and I guess it's smile my problem now. There's no matter from. Any ally jog home game me. Honeymoon period due June. Think that they had very that I try now on presence and I'm gonna get my boss the same thing he got me last year and knock them moon. How that's even that's even Steven Curtis. I don't know if you take energy out of me Laura I don't appreciate it. Only brown no mediate bosses if there I'm nerd never worked for anyone if I felt that I need to buy something for no matter how much I liked them. On the free use this field. Johnson says oh my gosh my boss. Is it would be me showing up to work. For. My Mac as it is your present eliminated you guys are getting paid come nowhere does not do the gift. Now your mother that is his face our face. And I dare you. And I happening exactly how bad for them do their four and I'm one of them five are each about the U this holiday season aren't. You expect when I return I what's your name pretty good don't we just sacred so what do you and your possible return and I what do you think which you are Bosnia. Not only can he opponent. Didn't think I was yeah it is there. Wow I like they keep an aerial. Is honestly the best way you keep that up. Yeah immediate outlet you know it being there is Nintendo yeah that's that's a good. Years ago. I know that many things. There's I don't understand like you're you have to also kind of reports are possible when I'm gay ease nobody likes the mosques. Cool and now about the I just don't know if it's necessary it always have to buy them and get it always is one time of the year well yeah even the one time of the year. So these I'm giving up genuine going or not. Quote I. At Oakland dumb about it no closer I'm sure he wasn't on my knee gets so no collection on my OK guess among my own your own. Josie she's only an article you're gonna get a kick it out loud don't don't tell my bat I didn't. As Nader and later he's the person that a stick into the neighborhood in politics my six final three and help me out not only. Figure out what he's getting hit for his own group gift horse Voss. Okay. Your house okay. I congratulate you seem. Well not really siesta beach you first. Are you doing that with save your answer more questions correctly it is she does OK thanks I say easy announces video of I Joe's keeping track you've got to grow up here we go girl question number one tour false the Denver Broncos recently fired tremor Simien called question number two tour false the very first game of baseball was played. With a dry and states ahead of a squirrel are. Question number three shortfalls with nineteen company headquarters within the border of the state Minnesota is the home to more fortune 500 companies. Then any other state tiger bush and the questions are done hang on grass season can't hide it. Murray and many in. I am colds or not. A memorable Thanksgiving eve I have no mind right now from super tired so we'll. You're probably into the tone Melissa we can build back here we go say he's question number one tour false the Denver Broncos recently fired Trevor Simien won't firemen and semi trick. Paul would you say the coffee okay the place insurers are true that Obama actually that's correct Denver Broncos actually fired off. Coroner Michael Corey Trevor is actually the backup to tax moments this Sunday OK did you push to ensure false. The very first game of baseball was played with a drive in sits ahead of this world true. That is false self release well. Rubber from old shoes raping young men are not my sport with women now. Listen there are three sure false with nineteen company headquarters within the border of the state Minnesota is now home to more fortune 500 companies. Then any other state trail plus. Okay. So nineteen far based. Photo but California has 54 flew. Mom who did the math yeah. Rides into Bambi goes both hello and and so many more on the island accident Demi gets I'm thank again I can't wait they keep their mag. You walk anybody know the show's going down December 31 the red rocks tickets and so now gazans and buy dot com and. Payment plans are available. Everybody knows there's no you can't remember Mike Jones who. They never trying to make sure run on the daily plan. Our kids when I was 75 yeah. They didn't do it's why this. Why I think Obama had. I don't know you're what you're doing hands and sex and she stresses she worked out too hard yesterday so I got my and a sore. Got my own base giving him funds already in practice so is this the media outlets so that you concluded about. Turkey on exactly what they're okay so we our I didn't except I know you got to work it out there who feel good about what they're eating wall more workouts and I'm. A rest and practice known around his ground while you can go time north Sony knew what to do bro I'm happy now matter how. All right our lives I like my console. Stick now from my toes that's not a matter she pays Dario real quick if you're gonna buy tricky read anyway you fresher kids too late is doing to try to thought outside their work okay. Drag you you have to. Actually starts on your Turkey but for five days in the mass based on how much you name it now know that I know many of their own good security food group. Never had uncertainty. Eight that's how they carry anything over twenty pounds should have been. Was say Wednesday and Friday or Saturday. Am so that's where those tricky makers you guys know brining means priming brining your Turkey. You know it. Our board is a girl I see the media guide is. They will win out tonight yeah I got to go you know go Brian it's like yeah I'd like to know how they get called fry I mean. They're Derrick he you know eighth seed and not nationwide no call bright mean brining you the so funny yeah she was like so stuck on about I've got to look I need now. Search and oranges like you primarily due printer that I can hear me everybody has a prime Amy brim like Amazon prime. It's. Very well and I think having my grandma I'm very confident now. You everybody is right there perky as I mean they don't Brian Brian private life you kind of got to ask you know. Sailing things Ali and I give me here and tell me I'm familiar he saw the cardinals. Then that's your prime didn't you frenzy. I think. I don't forget we got. Both those Christmas classic within our own kids was an emotional part of coming out as going down no fear is December 8 those tickets only ten semifinal. Right now cancel some fun Docomo DJ stash he did 58 and Brandon Marshall. From a home Broncos gonna be that the world's leading him away New Year's. I'm pretty particular well there is. Yeah and I was I had react badly to phthalates and insulate our. Problem is they will win each and emails to her hair and the ability that little dance. Voodoo man Marshawn Lynch will be there not not not. The peso also what he is doing this weekend would you like Broncos appreciation than I don't appreciate do you know what I am going to party are not there anymore. OK okay Maarty Leunen. Remember than town or what everyone have a quick drink five mango and I think now about street clothes socially outcast also them approval and. And I Kyra well once we got a party tonight to it's like our. Annual Thanksgiving eve party that does sushi I wanna come hang out I mean it's always game right now old school yet so we knew now for a long time so. We'll see a lot of our prayers and may we sound racist to me before Thanksgiving though as they soon get there early for sort of say yeah and so don't forget it was conceived back on Monday touch McCain is in things I like seeing less than three. And to be on UK has won a seven I'm warning zone read play. I live weekdays six to may or on demand any time on KS when I was 75 Zach Kahn.