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Wednesday, November 22nd


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We'll all want to wait a joke video on two GPS 107. I want the replay. Eight is still high. The mortgage field. Push the blame busy blizzard did I couldn't Arab and there's going to is mine not yours happy got votes so they in my said he thought everything needs and sounds. And Wesley Tony is still out of office we make your rookie mistakes if I tell you this morning on. I'm not as bad you got that hey we're not going alone. None of them and no dead or signs or anything like dances. I had in my golf and I'm run the ship today so you are running recipient doing a good job. I bet you haven't they haven't done is this then you can just blame me. So they run it's been like yeah I finally fine. They can see what I have to deal with every day with them every game every single day. Well we at free safety racquet with us on the top go through day I just they are aware. Most likely coming your way six when he I'm only four tag to Disney on ice follow your heart. It's actually claim that the Pepsi Center in December 7 through tenth that gets kids he had nieces or nephews is definitely a coma for U 620 we got that going on undermining offered any of those because they know I have to be here. They don't operate as anything. It's a neat thing is we get kids and a pig is like pulling teeth there and the the we're back local movie now what am another man. Sad slackened over there by Mike's not just obviously our program I think I never out of my element in blog called college diploma we. I'll tell you to keep their minds still legal heads up what needs eighty even needs 55 are gonna make that happen. New Year's Eve on the rocks man oh yeah that's going to be good show right then yeah it might be a little cold you wanna I wanna know. The gay couple Jack and Beverly going to be needed are red rock's bad post and Romney goes. And so many on the planet they keep actually adding people to this as really good look at every day it's like a new person dramatic do itself. He wanted to say that I'm ever gonna be hooking you up without 55 don't forget 620 most likely to come your way. Johnny Vegas. In this me. I didn't realize they only scored pageant the only line at Disney on ice if you could tell us what you want about. It's most likely to travel to a different country and daily IDJ Holmes and myself eighties. What's the buzz is most likely to child to a different country and stay 7048901075. Minutes I. I and is seeing. Stanley Ford acted on the line you can tell us most likely to travel to a different country and stay out of these days phones and myself. They have welcomed by movements match against Maria great call me if I'm I think there are Mario West minister removed most likely to travel to a different country and stay DJ sounds. Or myself he'll. Eighties you're picking meet the girl now I love the USA too much I'm sorry. Nice guy begging. They have a lot of them by the events live Redondo Danielle wake Ghani thumb crawled out of Ben and I'm about who's most likely to travel to be different country and say DJ its own army your girls ladies are out here. May not today and you don't win this one the. Can't go to some Bible is read thinner generally only found dead Air Canada and then I remove most likely to travel to a different country. And stay DJ sounds armies navies I go to Dick Jones. GA and that's not real you send me to a tropical place I'm never coming back to you well if you're from where you're. Congratulations and I got family court acted Disney on ice volume car all the Disney princess says will be in the building. I think finding dory situation going gallon Nemo in the building in new pal hanging from Disney Pixar can mentally send some pardon me so much down. Diana was deja voodoo a run at work him out I said it was going down and T today even if they've reconciled and not informing the model put any woman on exactly in the celeb singer I'll tell you warn that that's. Say keep it dominant. Only on KM. When I was seven I I tend to have I had been betting court documents on November 10 her ex fiance David picked up there are some from school. And just get out of town with I didn't tell her as she said that she would never know only if they let the firm after his sons who uses to. Monitoring keep record of who picks up their students she also claims the frequency and intensity and David conduct has escalated to the point this is now living in fear for physical. And emotional safety about the of her and her son. Now I'm getting confused because this is the type you viewed as soon Jordin Sparks and and the other thing is getting divorced everyone here. They bring you down Jennifer had then you know JNJ had this dream girls I do an American Idol now that I'm the one applause Caroline in the bed bad relationship. I figured out that. It's a lot of he's fed sees that in in this case fresh air but then the real victim on the knowledge that child's life so bad they even have to go to that indicated actually simply until. So let them make matters any worse without. Now back and I guess we told you that was really the mother with Celine amber road the defamation suit against her former daughter in law clearly she allegedly made. It profanity laced phone call to a third party if you are being negligent parent. Well that you can put all this mess behind them now because the judge recently tossed out the case according teams either Pennsylvania court agree that Amber's. Alleged statements were insult seen the world that insults threats and annoyances aren't enough to prove the emotional distress Dixon bones may break my among. Bones but words. Never heard me yell out I write a defamation cases are super hard to win nick and that in itself so it yelled at the grandma and the situation was going against. A lot and her name because it but it's hard to win those kind of he says yeah. I come out there with an amber still conical they're they call can really well so if it. You know I hope they amber and the Gramm obviously can put aside their differences is just gonna send their sons about since kids about the real messy case. Calculation I'll myself now that the holidays are coming around exactly stadium holidays Thanksgiving going down on Thursdays at the F and we found. Knew differently to get a drink outside of the house for Thanksgiving week jump off is going down tomorrow Iraqi time off from five to 9 PM OK I'm out of Costello meet every day. It's going to be dramatic film and I'm never gonna catch Obama and they know how to do down the food I like that I keep that on the list man Timothy not giving it my construction prayers now honey they didn't sound like KF of 1005 told me out of commission a. Gain the inside votes Tuesday you join a very long weekend eleven lives to. If Anderson thanks essay how well this really is an indication. They don't go out of town. It is just out in awake yeah. Yeah he's he's mad because he and police are doing the morning show and things like that. You have a internal lock clock now you just get up like at 3 o'clock in the morning no matter what great assist me on the weekend unfortunately so you're out so it's like calm ma'am what I just go to work yeah you don't. Start drinking. Bring himself to sleep at this point Disney's come work for a new genre. He even got back to. Enjoy shopping online right now it's a good out there again I see you do the glass here and you can. We like humidity I get all my shopping Angela K you got your music around but families dominant down man things Guinean. On Thursday without being set out to be a good situation that kind of talk about things that you cynics. These scene at the dinner table legs. I think is giving you got a big Democrats are not going to be coming got a good two. Both so much I got to my my parents and then I'm gonna have to go to Brennan's. Parents house who's allowed 2000 full Thanksgiving I'm actually Spain in town for Thanksgiving Amanda feed the homeless in the morning and then magistrate that everybody tells Lucy is gonna go around town right now I am gonna hit some big big Mike. Yeah sure I'm sure a lot of people are going to be settings though if you while some yellow blaze that's maybe I'll blame our are nice girl runs let's say you're definitely gonna get you know she's she's Arabic right busy there mixing some Arabic food and don't get some Latino food right and then who got the soul food for you nominate so he's out facility there are not OK okay. You should be talking about a dinner table first things first trump. Is what's on the list as number one how mean those kind of conversations they say if it involved and then come by heated conversation. To say believes they not call him. Yeah they came. They did well homeopathy. And pets if you might use somebody that's like outside in your family and they're like. Courier real quick look like another and they save his family gossip. It don't do while you're eating about how you know you can still owes you like 500 dollars. You know those contains a bad situation moms get involved they could turn into a big fight alone if they don't come around anymore or anything like that big a myth is that. You never see here and they don't call on people out on Mount Vernon mayor Willie Mae can really do it alone he had. Why not. I think MI below is an I had situations like that and we tables where it like family members. And old other family members money column know now every single moment you get a chance call mount from their butt out and embarrass them giving over the top doing. Anything about religion and that might be controversial like if your whole family's religious that you decided. You know your messiah and Kyle Scientology's now if you might now want to bring that up played a story about that now houses they couldn't that the lady of Guadalupe inside the kitchen table and stuff like that I found that the producer everyone's on the same page over there yeah sure I your weight and joking about how out of CP UR. To make other people self conscious about their own Wade's people are going to overeat for Thanksgiving they don't want a rim be reminded when they see you next night I think. The county that you OK but well we're just seeing them fascinating we we see what's going around the table drinking one so that hey you how big news or use so it's all good. Yeah as he left the things all now. And we we do it each and every time I pick up any demands Brennaman you're always come from my neck while trying to always help you out because I known that your self conscious about your way. Thanks you don't fury in his whenever you like. Hey why a Canadian museum twice June 2 days that's the thing about couldn't see out amassing tamales with sue I don't need you count how many tamales I'm having. I mean yeah this once you know. Not free eight. And do what I wanna do would you say some where everybody out state of the Riley Tony about a I don't have time for European Craig got. Kind of let this thing admit that I about the highest paid woman who may be floored that Lacey thing evens tone by your taco Tuesday KF welcome I'm Jeffrey say you rod it was bad bad sounds an eye on the struggle bus. Clearly it's a lot of work it's you know Tony's job of being. It's hard thinking I feel like me you are like the psychic show but we don't have to do have the thinking that Sony has to do so now that we are forced to. I guess so well who yes this does this end we are decide kinks interrogation and hmmm OK we're now. He would then. Now that I know I'm toll signed up in onboard I'm sitting on the bus. Did you decide to give nobody wants to do this I'm I don't wanna be star and that I want these are not as bad as wanna be like the bench warmer highs and make money. My fiancee Beth uncharted and make some money look beyond that why she's doing a big deal highest paid woman in music. Five million. Well I didn't buy a million over the past you know the income that fourth count and it's something like that album in the merchandise sales. Why we're seeing me publishing royalties endorsing my endorsement and soaring. Cash is Kelly I am five million that's crazy money and then I'll I can you tell her husband is making yeah. I think I mean Andy's house that so they're they're ball and I reconcile that Zorn wouldn't put that together and made about a 155. I visited. Demeanor if we think he's meanwhile fifty million are on a million. This and when you at the Benson and you know with a little light on the London. Odds are it it was a little late so you are right that makes sense bluff on the on this Adele made 69 million are girls really love some she came in Rihanna. I'm 56. 36 excuse me 36 million. Well some of this. Also Katy Perry with 33 million break stay stomach gets the money I've got problems toward the may is less than they got around. They think money is paying off 34 million on her list that's MA is money over there. Others who didn't make the cut but still made eight to think there is Madonna. Lady Gaga mom Selena Gomez an eye on the ground and. Let me know is their lead that's concerned double figures so within like ten male or something eight figures. This it always figures aren't you know math and you know math I don't know how much would that be a tip. I was on it Celine Dion also went in 42 million new girl 38 million they don't I don't know is that the goal right there Dolly Parton. Heard that I assume that's out all right 37 million with our young you know she's ruined that originally did I always love you that when Houston did and then. Marriage about every hour how can see it's still make that kind of money is that. She is I think she does it allows reformer she's OG I know she acknowledged he batted AC was still soaring so she must really be making that royalty money well you in that country seeing him make that money forever. Like grass it's a lot of money doesn't say what you become like guy hip pop star army star once you get older you like your equity just drops right in Iraq. So you know I mean we just not that we don't get honored like everybody else you know food. Yeah like when you're seeing gonna feel like to Pakistan right at the same get a feel more. Do you think you never go out on loan. I mean jam master. I know maybe Bloomberg. I think that you sit and by all Black Friday that's around the corner you that is well Cyber Monday. I tell you what you need to be looking now for many things they shouldn't be wasting your money on less than ten minutes Leon can. So maybe they sound Vontae is one of them I'd look bad Tony beam out of the office the day I feel like he's affecting lose all my Black Friday shopping. Everyday everyday that I'm glad they do it's been ruined the and I have focused and work right now I think this. You know allow these stories to me like it may delay is because they're putting out their Black Friday deals Blackberry eight fairly well only if I would say to its school. As Tuesday plus I mean when you're like shops they. After working your shopping in the cast stuff and then you're just like I'm afraid to go whatever right now likely gonna people's comments are again shall prep. This stuff that you looked out for you is that he's popping up in your feet because they know all about what you look at and led by any. I need to find I need especially on face the easy all the stuff that you are just looking that pop up your feed it's terrible attack. Want to make sure you want to turntable Chomsky you want to address you want all the stuff that you just looked at Jackie one debt 500. Address but you know they if they lose all Black Friday in the very same lots of reports embarrassing that you shouldn't be buying on the line society is little latest Smartphones. I think that's kind of looking like a no brainer there. They think about it OK so like the iPhone XOK I found me you don't buy it now because obviously it's hot it's in demand right now so if you wait a little bit longer. Like into the New Year's big deal little numbers are gonna go down on stuff like found bone dry. Prices will drop what people want that and underneath the Christmas tree don't. Bruins you like them. I'm only ten I would like them iPhone maximum answering and any future and it's very sure about a lot of fun I think it any no I don't pay that bill. Beckham bad I mean lets them Izod and thousand dollars on the right back on the sugar daddy's leg action whenever the laptops that's another one. Others say not the best funded by actually laptops and things very tech for score for work is during back to school season or in the spring. When companies start to allow their new launch the new model who slashed prices on their older ones and I totally mess that up last year I have Bob Bennett won those Microsoft surfaces. This business it's true but you lost about another outlet got them Ponce I did today and looks very well let's see now is a good deal. Well. They don't write another one heavy duty went through where. They say that it's the best time away again so after basically clearance during January and February 1 like yeah I didn't Jacqui now though. Yeah you need Jack I have never gone shopping like everything. You know back when I used to live here and do and myself I never. Bob my jacket my went nowhere during the spring even though it's like about a always markets like Macy's right and all the story Lucy and went for thirty dollars when I was behind it's not a 150. Euros money during winter Taliban and I was never ahead of the game you never thought about it yeah. So busy maybe this Syria due this spring tell them. That's exactly suck ups they actually land mine today. Fitness equipment. There's danger of that jam packed in January and motivated folks I gave rates he said their weights but to most of it goes on sale. After January saw your dumb bells and stuff like that you could actually wait a little bit longer on the. I don't want dumb bells in the corner of my tree. I don't wanna try and you don't like the reminder I don't I say it's due to some dumb bells and a gym membership. Gym membership I get to another land. Doesn't it that way you remind me about my way easiest he would bush say in my city she. So I know I don't take stands that may help push she's doing right now I just I'm content with him as you and you Tony. I get the we will fight together and helping America. And per dead member another way and I jewelry they're saying that the best time is actually died during February. Are actually the bad time of the hearing gets pop in his January and February. As a retailers make a big push for Valentine's Day sold rob Black Friday everything they're shopping might be losing if a lesser. And I'm buying jewelry are always tell like Valentine's Day. Ever blended jewelry. I like the holidays. Never knew never done always highlight tech stuff are you know what trip are about a trip for a night later like here's what we're going this way for vacation through. About like vacation and that's not on the list so yeah let's show that nominate and I just made educated choice to do that Smart move. Coming lady Nancy how. Hey everyone else and I love coming out of commission. Weekend he'll be back tomorrow but I mean his arms around them my form for you as you make your run on it toppled Tuesday yeah unlike you write that you know. Amram. I'm really glad I say and that's how old boy is doing radio we just talk like Amazon may not always food brands still not until you know how we deal east. Does not holidays. I'm full effect I usually Thursday is Thanksgiving move got Christmas I don't know how many days and is the way from that let you girls already broke. I even have you wanted to go to Disneyland for her for Christmas some again investigators. You know this guy and anything she burned up like a hundred dollars a pop. I know you've got to local bully or somewhere I don't have the plug the plug and what happens when you move unless they get from your blood though lake is you can't replace them with something. So I've got that I've got family members that's a lot of money being spent on even taking emails consistently. We had some money problems. And I promise though that yeah I think my cars funny when now everybody know that had the two to 1998 so zeal for them finally gave in on loan 2003 tie it on the campaign. The Chinese and went out so I'm officially gonna have to get a new car. This so yeah I'm a mask and a lot of money so I'm looking at ways to save money. So that any man started to run and his forehead you know it so this doesn't. Talkative anymore and her whole like Biden graduates yeah I doubt and you know I just don't know on the Nicole all the money among the same. Money problems we all go through a thing as they don't let me go through in. Trying to find ways to save money can be really hard you think about it I'm sure a lot of people out there could relate to. I'm and I actually like nothing gets some new ways to save money so for instance like instead of going to Starbucks. You know and the ads about the will start at screamer from the grocery store Smart and tight the night thinking am I doing stuff like that's why did you get skull. I don't know what on the do as far as the save money without I don't have any ideas on how to save money went. You're buying gifts why I've been doing this oh my bank. I mean transferring like fifty dollars into debt from an account like a different bank gets into the gate yet and so I never feel like it's campaign like a bill. Demagogue the day bases that have nothing college keep the change or whatever is so like if he spent. Three dollars and 92 cents at a grocery stores like they match at a whenever they take the 92 cents a roll it over. Yes I didn't do it saving this thing called did you and it saves like give your. Like to change anything as major change assays. All your change brands like it does add double overtime Booth saw how like a good amount of savings I doubt that he used for Mike Mike gives. Think that's dead so. My trick arm I tip my straight right now is obviously. Cut out the Starbucks on one stretch and how my Neely be a little bit longer is that every two weeks and trying to go three and a half. From early bush and it you have another America was solemn day. You now. The only that I. That's three weeks it's there oh yeah. That's Smart grow my hair out let me thoughts at some tips are checked on how you can save money. Especially during the holiday season what we do and they you know keep some I should change in your pocket sevens are low. 48910. Saddened by the supplements now. Tony ladies and sounds like if one of them I appreciate you hanging out what that's it's actually told me out of that office today. Yeah he's enjoying his vacation and he had like. It's paid vacation days can you believe that it's ready I'm jealous actually we need that can upload and think about is he likes to remedy and so I mean when I'm on vacation I'm not taxing. And no word about what you're doing very well what I'm doing good but he's Texas consistently letting is know that he's Ambac can't winning money. 2005000. Dollars he just days when he how did he stay when he liked what he knowing he'd been working for the company since 1942. At some point you gotta be a real winner the previous deadly on the winning team right now I. I'm short got to figure out a tips and tricks to save money during the holiday season sounds is gonna get our TD pass yes I am. I'm gonna die many Mets are nothing cut back but we weren't trying to find out from U 7204910. Some fun how do you say money list. The message that includes some news sent me this should learn I'll ask what is that you and on the go back marker everywhere and he shall learn and it was a good buy new car when the attorney broader ground. Then they then I'll really power than that and our man didn't you go to a job getting hit some can't break it yet another little. Yeah I was gone found that all it can't get our TD pass for a couple of thousand my whole Lotta money did you know I think I really pushing for a all of my gal I'm new at all. It's saying there diplomat Javier call their toll somewhere in roads on the boat load. On the real Obama go back to improve your not a legit run bro we appreciate you thank you do very well don't say it doesn't matter is a step and I Jessica no way Garmin from ground by dusk and write and tell me so much excess and waste and save money especially during the summer here. And at the family and money but it might not be later in the year. If you go to the grocery store throughout the year and you pay. A little bit of money left over from their grocery lithium like putting a leftover gift card and then that he made at the end of the year you either had to act if hired do you get somebody if. Or is the DL that's actually the smartest idea yeah you know consumer in the stumped up behind you know gift cards the music for gift card in the you can give it to somebody for the holiday season and I'm trying to slow around trying to figure out. About you you go in do you have a budget we let the grocery store on. I'd like I do and some of the knowledge the only thing and safety of the right Paul. That you know used to forty of the fifty input on the gross on the gift card at the grocery store and that's the bad thing I don't have a budget like dad's shop yeah I've seen you got to slow down there. We got the slowdown has played so Smart thank you some lights. Yeah recommend a lot of credit card you get that little hill points duke but I'll add that. Your coupon her idea. They do it I did terrible there are no I gave him as she knows how to save money I'd I don't there's got to be more ways that you can save money air when you're in a tough patch. Halftime yes this crime Simon you need that money backing a pocket how are you saving them lettuce 72048901075. Does that tell me they reasons home banking is a Muslim violent women told you yet so we appreciate you tracking with us on the back. Kind of gloomy talk Oates who say it. Those wrinkles on down making you more worried Obama and Nancy youth. No glue doesn't make you. Hey new iPhone release. Steve he. I spend money right now I was up early for a Black Friday and I'm kind of told my balls and the more stressed out position because they're trying to save money so we're looking for like. Tips and tricks on how you say money Simmons 0489. 1075. K at some of them by the disaster from Glenn Quinn Gray coming from I'm calling you from Colorado Brett I'm from Oklahoma. Well Glenn how do you save money I. Dave many die every wartime I get paid every what I might get a little bit of many I've played five within. Did this for myself. I put that in the rainy day I know and and I also put 5% and a good whenever I go to church. US Johns with the rainy day piles man I I can't play that and then give them any day I'll be like Friday. You say the fact that no. Because like I could do it then go because I'm pregnant and my savings account and I don't really whenever I look at my bank account all I think it may checking account can men not I'll never be nice saving the downside forget that I have a seat until the very last minute. And I asked him why don't. You drink you don't wanna see if you don't see if you don't know you have in your save your money thanks for the phone call they say if they do cancel out somebody who is less. Gladly wait coming from Leslie. I Leslie how are you saving money there and my holiday season. That we can do whatever they want and it's. Actually had spanned Britain's. Mean that's a good lineup has a lot of I don't know how they don't nobody actually did talk. And maybe in the yeah obligatory question that we can assure our world and that put about a thousand out. It roaring. That's that's my family here because we like it did that are related to managed commitment because I couldn't let go play good at what do. All right we would be a good I could. They don't affect financial and by the way that's fair changing and around the mouth and ask you question her and. We'll quitter how many of those little odd troops are there NT 1000 dollars. And we need do you have met when I mean I doubt about. An apology tour. And I think Greek Google where I could have been out and. Down into football a little bit I wish you can't quite large and back and then of course if you go to that doctor. Mart good MySpace for a full club I don't what you're thinking can't find his a game they go heads up right now some 20489107. Cy New Year's Eve on the rocks. Tickets up for grabs canceled. I need. We'll have a five to always agents don't we on the good for college seventeen. Who is this happening I say thank me congratulations to you soon higher calling him a summit theme. JI. A cards at the end you ready to go have doubled me Andre what are you that Smart. I love it happened in New Year's Eve on the rocks stick it up for grabs Vijay sounds as though women as Tony V today yeah. Liberals okay the rule to elected he just got out to more questions right this eighties and then you'll be candlestick it's all right Larry Craig got to leave the room are all right let's do this question number one big cost the US may have. More to make pennies and Nickels then the coins actually are worth true or false I am I hate. Her okay next question. If you cut and urge women. Full house can really grow their body turf question number three on Napoleon. Bonaparte was extremely short Bob 12 biggest savings in the Bill Clinton are is I would say if New Year's Eve on Iraq's biggest did you feel confident it stands there's not there now. I've seen so we're all okay let's see what I could do so let's Dice-K question number one it cost the US Mihm more. To make make. It cost the US may have more to make many then Nichols then the coins are actually ordered it. True you guys actually run loose crew all right I live in question number two if you could urge women now. Poll has him re grow their body build false that it. It draw it all. Outcry Napoleon push them through Napoleon Bonaparte was extremely short bus yeah. There may do all those orgasm right now alone. How sorry things look smarter than you today. Oh are you a raise them up around here on the. I did not get just Delaware non artsy New Year's Eve on the roster amigo the post alone you are going congratulations. Sir thank you don't know mom and everybody know what station that you look what our federal I. It sounds like Kansas and Oakland I've Intel over what he did it over par. I'm only did a great Iraq the thing that let me know at this hour is how he's not a great caller. Well we got a little warmer things that got the company and still I think my job is to sit here and do my make up. Brush my hair did some online and that it did Tony's job is his two legs is very much like at least you know in the chivalry and Cameron and his. But in boomer you want simple enough you're walking to do it now not. Don't let tomorrow man this is the me and sound but I we appreciate you rocking with us on this taco Tuesday. So you are aware December 8 we got big plans. Oh yes going down apple freely as the kids in the zone 5 morning show cruises departing DJ stacks. Did you find me on the turn tables will think it's only 1035 right now case wants them five so. Let me ask you this I'm Brandon Marshall knows deny and then now what sandy said because you know disease and you look at you pretty for you boy right. Let me drink and party with us musher I mean the panel. Cocktails won a couple cocktails on the line I think a mile plus on his program that you know he's still play you know his heart out on toward gays you never even though they have. They keep playing and he'd take it doesn't come party were back. You are game nicely got to get right now many tea we'll announce them buy dot com 1075. That she deal I mean again Dan so failure of billions super super sexy venue so it's going to be a good time. And to be on UK hasn't won a seven I'm warning zone read play. Live weekdays six they are on demand any time on KS 1075. Dot com.