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Monday, November 20th


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Want to wait until he's in the UK has 107. I wanna see the replay. Eight cities still. Please ladies of the tone Vontae as one of them body go phase here saying was this whole thing is BJ Holmes in the building but weren't technically down a member today yeah. He deciding got to take out some vacation because you know you're gonna lose it. I think they're crazy guerrilla they plot and not lose them like mentally right. Clear that out dealing with a million U every single day Lou I don't think you know it's a lot of word knew what he had to do over here but he doesn't uses vacation. Tony be technically has like over a thousand. May hasten its they've been here forever yeah he's been there about fifty years fifty years and the whole year off one would you react either vacation day so technically he left us in charge for the day and I think. He needs a break month. You know you can get them all the money window at the authority winter I'll tell Bellini in the break it now we got to work the the granola and all of all we know you don't want the guy. And neither do you oh yeah be alive well and sit over there in the corner and I get they might cheers and eat your breath Nancy sellout in my my teacher is really. The trail and only like you on your job. A little bit. Not today you know right now today not today you got kind of bored Manny got them reliable Gomez you were a man who got how shall we good morning yeah most likely is coming your way at 620. Family four pack to Disney on how to get back from that for you as well as New Year's Eve on the match you know that's got a mile somehow I never post Malone had. Do some. And what's going down about 855 heads of with treaties. Nobody gets tickets to New Year's Eve on the rocks get a check out amigos yeah man and both were not so I'm mad as well Philly deadly as stick around 620. Most likely coming your way for the Disney on ice forming for back. I know but Kelly's name either. You see. They owe you our job is to figure out so there was one about how to DJ Tom and myself the girls say you. I like lesions brings people. The big DJ solid. Or you girls ladies was one about the most unlikely even to bring people. We're gonna do 048901075. The family for attention should be on ice nonaligned is up. Yeah claim most likely. We beyond you can't look seventh I'm morning. You see. I suppose most likely to great people Josh recalled from ever ROO Reilly so docile whistle on a bus and a DJ stones and myself savings is most likely to train people. Out of shape and blew her mom then. I may fifteenth and why would you say so this. I'm EC record without the ads that tell her that's for sure that's his personality that surround them and accept my. Stay afloat and by the advance because Iraq really worry calling you from ever are pro Adam DJ sound myself say Beason was one and that's the most likely to bring people counted to move traveling around. Let's call it fate as sort of combine advanced special all hallway call on them. Paul at a DHL with a myself say these words when a bus is most likely to think people JD you. Okay. Although I do know that umpire fitness which owns a motorcade as you recall he's pretty good. And. I'm a grant them come on now that's not fair the. Do winner and Emmy award at the Disney on ice he got it congratulations stage you'd never know what did you hope you'll give a lot of vodka. Coming up in less than ten minutes or so let's see there's no light at the end of the tunnel from avoid hiring somebody more about a man. I'm Manson yeah. Thank you good dog and. Only on KM when I was 75. Like our boy priorities. Got a big break and hit the legal battle the zags like Norman did say NAFTA rules will social media meltdowns and entitlement mental stability the singer had been granted 5050 custody of his daughter Shay left. Well I indeed Alan gonna. Therefore I'm rather confusing message not the I'm not down literally out like I actually like its favor at this point man I guess we know briefly scored a victory within the prison system after the lovers lawyers filed legal documents to get him out of solitary confinement. To preserve his mental state teams the year where is that we now have been transferred to another prison to resign on its general population. And the rapper will be able to go to the yard plays. They are. Played good basketball exercise to be read a book if he wants to. You'll also be assigned the job for nineteen cents per hour he's going to be long when he did that and then maybe getting about that makes it even wanted to do here on out why do you then I thought they can find me in the first place you think is kind of like his social stuff. It is sore area when you don't when yours is supposedly a star you got you can be an like general population like right out the bad that the wing you win. Now cannot make sense well Donald Trump wasted no time putting his Twitter fingers to get used to direct the message Alomar ball on twit on Sunday left the 24 hours after ball downplayed the president's role in helping us and we Angelo get out of prison in China chumps we didn't. That the three basketball players are out of China and saved from years in jail Barr Bob father Lee Angelo if I'm accepting of what I did for his son. And that's shoplifting is no big deal a simple left them in jail if. You know Donna had something to say Francis don't need always talking man I need somebody to delete his Twitter at this point it's ridiculous sometimes you do is do things to do things Donnie not because he won big thank you he's concerned I think what like the wrong things at this point everything have to end up and and a Twitter feed the Ellis feel like he's a hop on social media I don't understand why you always have to get to that point really want to roundup plus don't give them one bit. No not me. Oh look he brought it day by construction crews now I mean they didn't sound find KS a 1005 unfortunately we're down remember its name his name is Tony beat. That's an extended vacation is when he's having right do have two days off he needed they don't bailout cost you do the. Anybody army had like over a thousand vacation days yeah but he's been being nice seeing you at the miss. Being nice and it paid off he uses the occasion so he needs a couple of days if I get told zubaydah fight for your loss last night. Condolences to YouTube and all of its Key West take Immelt. And the China raiders bodies are you one other charges one and menu that's represent your home. Glove. Let's see Broncos blog and play. Casey lost sight yes so. I mean that's good news but we're still out everywhere who are deadly Humphrey guys we're done pretty much simpler still. Two matches and again we you know why talk is my express for the rest of the season because we're technically now even more email on the same plane we'll talk. Pretty much. Potentially big American music awards you gotta go with Dow last night with them live performances did you pick out this would be a little bit earlier and I think everybody that Paul won awards was not present. American music awards. Kind of the climate. I situation about why Harrell was via satellite thing you notice award Lady Gaga you and I signed dad right thoughts are. So was there out pink doing her annual acrobatics on the date for the U Marianne ZZR. That stuff flies seeing goes up Brian. Like you man his legacy as a way kind of seeing it is an invite all of her performances like that and other one had everybody talking. With Christina Aguilera with her Whitney Houston should deal we actually both my ideal for its militant. And I can't finish it got he had seen but I honestly I felt like she didn't do I bad. As social media have made her seeing she didn't really say. You can't really remakes Whitney I get that part but I mean I didn't think it was. As bad as social media made it out today they crucify her he had it did maybe they crucified her on the Internet and she hit the notes if you read the note to cap and hockey is questioning a little off key. Element that was she remakes that I would not wait Alabama shoes on an unknown futures on its neighbors out. Isn't this sort of leftist lady herself. Who couldn't who can get a better who do you think I think they probably could have called on Jordin Sparks for shore hotel I don't know everybody was all they should replace them when brandy. They brandy could even get the no flight that well yeah I don't do granny here and no. Doubt about it. Heartfelt and if you did you know all your pet. Clearly not blame that brandy like that I don't know anybody else lo Duca probably mass they are Jennifer Hudson. I think it definitely killed I want to shore up the out on top black eye candy and anybody. I don't think Christina was bad bad that I'm. She energizes that I mean yeah there's some. I'm Marie is all right. So Whitney a cut we love you really because you could hit some of the not so sure that what it was. They're good deregulate that we need backing it that you don't. Back then Britney Spears they could hit those notes due hungry she was starving artist. Get demy you know I. Yeah yeah she's so I'm boys who is she on the bush just. A little dollars acclaim she is pinnacle finds it all right man Black Friday deals he got the best and the worst is the big time of the year it's going down Friday. I'll actually got a list of the places like Hewlett needs to be on where you need to find as discounts for your holiday shopping coming up for you less than ten minutes. The morning and happy Monday to you Tony Singh even someone KF 1005 down remembered today it's gonna be taking eight in the extended weekend day and my. Read a couple days to daisy be two days you can do is relax on an moment on all. Pretty much of what he does so that's that's where he's got up through for the next couple days the Iraq let's sounds and even today. So now I know you don't really know get into the hole shot beat situation is not really here being hate it but it's. You do love to save money. They money you know down Scrooge have you ever participate in and Black Friday never. Now not once daylight is Al let me get a couple of gifts from me taking out. Now I used to always be like a last minute kind of got like two or three days before Christmas Boone tell you was never an. You go to tomorrow like today before Christmas yeah but that's before but now they're you know there's like. You know all these like. Amazon and things like that rarely like to shop online I had participate in Black Friday may like three years ago. How war came on. They know what's gonna happen but we went like that hasn't been at least 3 o'clock in the morning campaigns. Guys didn't make outgoing everywhere I can break out in the morning you went to like Macy's or whenever I. And it was insane. I think that actually sick we can never do it again as far as how they get up that early because this is a mad house did and I wouldn't I think the thing about bonds like a Wal-Mart. On though you know I don't like to be around the legs too many people like when shopping experience stuff like that you know I mean I'm people cry. Tim pretty honest about this and that's true I didn't learn claustrophobic yeah it's it's a lot to do what the people taken very seriously we've got the black whenever I Shimon get a deal. Now we actually got some of it's the best and the worst discounts. Definitely Coles 66%. Lower. JC Penney's is gonna be 66%. Lower this the other for you. Right. And fears and Macey it's here's it's 50% in May eighth is actually going to be 46%. Now these aren't compared to Amazon prices because the thing about Amazon is that they're always low. No discount but you're gonna really easy for men is 37%. This year baby are beginning to deal. Within below it's really not appointed like jump on him front and you some people like to go see physically what they're buying those still you know I mean night. Touch is the aim and I like these can get that kind of deal people up with lead it's average to be 743. Dollars across the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend that's how much people are spending an average average a cell. I'm 43 dollars so yeah. You don't like 56 members in your family that actually is kind of legacy of could I could probably spend. Cool thousand dollars down on you try to do you stay around 500 this year I don't wanna be like I wanna have to diligence trampled. And all that extra stuff that you do when you go out when you actually like to see the fight for you by are you cool with just shop online. I like to shop online I do like to be able is just picked it up and then my hands because you know during the holiday season was sixteen and all those things like you got chances where your subtle come back broking and a different color is just too much mammoths look online to got to get on that prime and is on track I'll let them come into my door and leave it yeah I heard I'm not doing Matt I'm not not a oh man I dig into that. Never miss the delivery ever but if you're inching its Cyber Monday that's actually a plus I'm not in because you know you can still get the same deal I know it's gonna be the exact same. But after JC Penney's effort called the V one and those very places they can actually buy like a lot of stuff out right I'm so that's actually did come up for that undoubtedly doing Cyber Monday ever. They're really they do it this year I'm doing cyber Mondays ago look man tricks what if fingers are at a all time high price do you put them trump his right leg England against Marshawn Lynch this time I got more to tell you about that less than ten. I can't talk from Tyler back before you on a Monday. Sounds and looks like trump. Is backed Clinton just what are fingers yet again really now among men knew me and talked about infidelity Allie went off finally ends we'll ball from the U at all. UCLA asked father and it looks like he has not stopped he decides who like Simon I'm Marshawn Lynch. He shouldn't marsh islands in the NFL Oakland Raiders stands for the Mexican and famine since down to boost for our National Anthem. Great disrespect next time NFL since suspending him for the remainder of the season attendance and ratings yeah. Wait while. Apparently you're watching to see that. I don't know I you know I mean you probably wanted it wants in the game to see that he didn't benefit the National Anthem. If you're right that's definitely a solid guys like they're your views and ratings they're down I feel like jumping is worrying about the wrong things yet again. But I understand how he has so much time this has been on sweater and then diplomatic every single thing when people this just let them get so many things going on right now he's worried about why Morris Almond sat down. Noting you know that lets you rub the story are you tweeted the facts here I think that's a sign yesterday I thought. I think this or they say that in the day like he's worried about the wrong thing than not that much silence has the right foods First Amendment right to be able to sit down he's exercising their. And you can I mean anything other players doing so why do we feel they need after all these players have done it right taking a near sitting down wiser so concerns have to get on Twitter and do that. How do you even know that he was like really Stanford and the make it may begin to drink water as long and didn't drink the water you don't know what he's doing. It's water Gatorade right there Gatorade bucket. You know like you to stand in for the first couple bars and they've been then he did sit down afterwards so. I don't know I just felt like. You know probably Marseille this is definitely wanna play with he isn't Oakland you know. He he's deafening not all they're too much flash on your I would monthly MacLeod that did say and how. Election I might CNN at all almost say one bad thing Marshawn Lynch. He's not the wanna play my exam Oakland Raiders fan violence in front of his face. This isn't trying to get beat up we're. Jokes anyway you say you put it up for that I'm not good enough food at home. Homecoming I mean this sounds I can't come over the last happy Monday Julio Haley Tony thank you might have a little extended vacation right now. He's making me work no more shopping online for today and I know I think that's a minimum if they really should I know you're happy about. He'll be back when things and planned job thank you from China and I guess I'll just wait doing my Black Friday shopping for a little later I mean does it down Black Friday. We've also. To a man now element the other party started man it's crazy. I'm I tell ya all win a little bit bigger then went to private money Cyber Monday for shares Black Friday deals on our bills. I'll be great yeah. Our alleged bills are rants. Now being nice can get like that we took as the Mel's over the weekend no matter there's nothing I know and do nothing worse than a Monday. But on Monday when you know yet to come back to work and the Broncos season's over. You and your team the raiders' season is over it's over I got a good. I guess you could say I was a little bit practical for the food so I salute and I think you know what patriots did see all. Just a week I heard reports on satellite yelled they can't pour through. I know my jingle ball two and all I usually scores like more than eight points though we know you don't you don't want to get eco. Let me know what the media day and bring all that we're paying blame for my pride now like this little if you live. I don't think my dad you know hey while we scored at least sixteen you only scored eight. There's there's tricks and ticks fur wearing me out things like that happen. You know even though we're very early please tell me I mean I don't know I I've resorted to food last night. How good mood are. Our newest well wait but I mean. It was a salad bowl against them my guys' eyes lit this -- my feelings of pleasure is eating behind and that's not the best away but there's got to be like them. Some tips and tricks to technically make us feel better when things like this happen what do you what did you do that they just implementing some sleep. These are. I thought out and randomly Niemi she's out there zero. One of those big goal mugs. That go from October fest. This automated make. As a wedge Rendell thing about sleep they got the very end of the game. An antibody that is when you know you're you're sad about like you've seen losing in the middle of the season ending it's basically over those. Gotta be some way it's like getting back into better spirits what are the tricks we need those 720491075. Innocent until 48910. Summoned by wrote different tricks command you happy weapon. That suit them better in NC is very let us now and don't forget detects I'm 69802. It's sunny and even home Don Kaye has 1000 to some of view it's a happy Monday. Other sons and I where we're not too happy. No more now there are teams out. And we're going to be on the couch. Tonight seems like an hour old over the weekend it was early tonight and we expect you to take them out. I've been so we're different things I moved I got an Arab I got to know my things that take just wasn't prepared mentally for it. I had like Clemens vases and no one's really gonna happen but layman dad dad's name Mexico City Iraq. Good tips. So that makes you happy is what we're looking for I think plans our 69 you know buried elephants then erode and darling wait around the jam a go work out always make. I'm a better. Another person's shoes another team puts things can't do that thanks guys were loyal. One is that on the colts fan and I seasons are always over without luck. I'm actually it's exciting deal of the loss is. Yeah we don't get the checks so what we don't have that much invested interest in that right right backs we acidic we shouldn't we should get. They're so high it's so hard one to go here's one of them five FaceBook page Jamie says you're paying your bills but yeah some money left over if you feel. Yeah that's actually something being happy about Christie says how low food shop being clean car a full tank of gas. Act the way yes by the senate right now I slam would be very excited I stay on the heat. Get the bare minimum let's say that followed some material. Boy no one knows summoned by live separate them from Denver ten malware isn't 6006 who have put you in better spirits. When the ball good mood in the premier that it did I just from myself I'm not a Cleveland bam bam. Yeah. That isn't a good fit every damn time. Yes this then never ending episode over there about forty years. Think what the last time they have been we see how unknown on your right there always be worse you could be grounds them. Exactly and I love you get together got a great joke gone on making some as we appreciate you have Kansas and I was lists in Cushing and they helped LaSalle whereas some tricks and tips and thinking he hit it great not only got a new puppy type. And I couldn't find out if you pumpkin spice frozen pies out and clean it decree might not have been. Did you have to try and. Does that I've been implementation can happen by themselves thanks a nominee game plan I got nick. Think combined to sue CNN and a frozen by any change and mood and I don't know I'm not again. You know we're on the call we hear right. Yeah like that's a whole lot going on right there isn't Susie and a frozen by. The calorie and I imagine any loads of men I know I'm no no no got a smile on our face out there right there at. Yeah and man we need that strikes and attempts to act. As Angelou right now people how they definitely have ways to snap out of things we're looking for Marchex minus six Lanny you know the retail trading at a slap on the phone lines blew. 7048901075. Starting later this sound like can't sort out so I'm happy Monday for some of you actually back do physical marks a home favorite album last night I think he amazed. Big deal for him well yeah Drake is out and gone home favorite artist is I don't know if there in the building now for the. Yeah yeah. You see him but I know I did see that commercial for reading your black with the bad and yeah you're the car got hurt already. And it is the dream like some older women who I know they're pretty clearly is truly an initiative excuse me son. That dugout like man how much would have sued for that as I am wow. We need to citrix US seriously make you happy sounds and I can't tell me he's imports a nice here today we also delves. Last night when our teams are now while teams are see this pretty much overt it is over so what do we do we just kind of lift our spirits and find ways that we can do it. I I think I'm the sixth 1903. People are helping us out. One person said just watch march Maureen I'll make you feel better Pontiac and there when the comments on the baby momma drama all the time that's double if floods. Another present live by the four H says honesty hum illness happiness and high. OK I would take that last part to fan I have to say soak. I can't put that off my face would pay someone says the man that says food. Tempo play Ben looked liquor that always works like here's a great big guy to sit there and I had to register on myself and my sorrows weird big drinker and I felt that makes sense com and I like wind. So once cool air wine known and Daniels says the video games food. I'm says affection. Okur who knew the love. And oh this is always makes me feel good too if you're around the house and I don't know dish say no this is yeah that's true have quickly that it doesn't make anything. At all you come home and look at the vision called their way with the cleanup we feel good about that yamana outlines iron 72048901075. Whose list. I picked him there and I can't comment you can. We could not only doubt I could get being you know I am so lucky and so happy that name back now and I have witnessed that much snow right now so you are exactly right. And my team on that play out so great. None of them right now. Well I know I think granite city so. LL last night today and then yeah they do exactly right. Qaeda remote JS awesome I was they sweet yeah very scary some mud at six since tricks to get to a bad experience and a better mood. Only way it goes caper coached they're totally green so you go sort of chilled LP eagle there and other kids I'll come. Yeah. It's our money out of your. A lot better. You're talking. But she always makes you don't get better Cuba. The color green lesser kind of green and Billy I mean when I am usually about egos let you know when I got older I think here never appeared now so. You know Amber's only been making the big eighth grade and I can't see. C'mon man you guys the ones I now know I inside but you don't AFC promoted in the army he iBooks and then keep their. There you go our am now married and we every say how bad I don't know if. Hey good sound like JS when I was seven spot it's a thinking cap on and get ready to run cool because heads up Mercedes is going down in less than five minutes like on Kia is one of them by name. Okay. And hey welcome five time to go kids New Year's Eve I'll be right. Tickets are up for grabs you know yet post Malone and he goes on match I need every call me from home from dinner. Congratulations caller seventeen EDT June contract mean that AP OK it's time. And go ahead that was phases Monday I don't think she had any common day. Value city I have spent a lot actually if all they met and always been callers and do your pretty marquis that's on a little nervous. Yeah. There are his words yet to answer more questions right this AC Moore have to leave the room RA okay all right Q Doughty okay good. The first question if you're crying sprees the tears just stick to your face Favre cannot do everything now I gotta write down everything. Tony here so let's go to. Question number two the adults have your bones then baby's due to a false ha okay. Question number three down more cells of bacteria in your money then there are human cells or cool your questions I don't think he's in the building with good. Oh man. Now there is true. You know that. Mesa Brooklyn okay are maximized this you know you learn and things when European school. You got here is OK okay born serious a question of two adults and a few bones then baby's due to a false false. Bomb new. Not the songs like out Cranium by the cyclones they were fragments in birds whatever that means Clerides questions. No I think I think most. The main and just got to be the next honey DO we don't know what we're those say it was true. And I question number three men are more sell them back during your body then there are human cells it's true true and I didn't lose. Now I'm. Well well and a way rounding up here we have Helen I've this morning and yeah okay I eat and you can really be me. You shouldn't be you should do I narrow this time this time around a number leasing beats me under a New Year's theme on. On the rock December 31 are gonna be introducing me eagles' most well known young thug and more. They think I think you let me know what they should do exactly when mankind came. I think maybe this. It's online JS 1005 Tony extended his little while weekend for a couple more days because he's got probably and it's a good year and a half. Vacation time still left to. Other vacation and he'd he'd taken out many we stress amount. Sunday's Daytona when I left well hold down the fort for you on this Monday when I de LA probably one of sex. On your calendar December 8 it is going down on indeed it's going down December 8. Hopefully this desire to kiss wasn't my morning show. Chris is party will have DJ stacks on turn tables also did you find me toasty if only 1075 right now. Who cares also buy dot com and camper if there are due Brandon Marshall going to be hosting a forest that night even though the Broncos are. Kind of a weird place and we're Mahmud is going to be celebration went on to spirits. So why he would definitely be celebrating what does that my season definitely get Jhani Kaye has one of them buy dot com for all that and 12 December 8 market and bad days. Everyone I think everybody else we're known mean that that's Tony's fourteenth annual Thanksgiving food drive. Got to meet a lot of people as they do I have. And in those loved ones dammit that's come before you do not forget it and we appreciate it you actually can do end. And stop buys it highway got pictures and all that adds well KS 1005 dot com. And to be on UK hasn't won a seven I'm warning zone read play. Lives weekdays six to may or on demand anytime you can KS 1075. Zach Kahn.