Blackbear Interview

Friday, November 10th

Blackbear is performing tonight at the Pepsi Center with Fallout Boy and called in with Big Mic to talk about the success of "Do Re Mi", his new album Cybersex getting ready to drop and more! 


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As did little embody a boy big mighty excited to get this man on the line is in Delray me. Being blown up all summer here OK it's an awesome flat tonight he is at the Pepsi Center will Fall Out Boy we have black bear and allow us a brother who. They. Would you talk about man on the side it's not you bro. And yet you we we actually we don't do we really do a lot of interviews or birthday we are on this. Oh we appreciate you make it's time for a smell like a city endemic Colorado or Amy been blowing up man has been a side and wash in my city gets noticed record. And yet as one of the best cities. Mean you know adore me was are playing here a few months ago and you know this has been taken off all across the country win. You're put that record together you know what was it like would aspire to put the record together and we got done. Did you expect to get as big as it did. I I had really they had it under the formula where I'd I'd use these things and they've done you know it. Pop called. And how they were on July. We. Like that they've really responded to this that the chord in me mind. The song and it was like one might possibly. Be remembered over it's and recently there's something I support the song came out. Yeah and and you know and that says that like it would be remembered. You know I mean that's my problem and you know that. He figured it would probably actually be. Yeah and I I. I knew if I. Maybe it made the right we'll be and that brought him for an interval in. And and you know he oatmeal with this I I started these businesses the and it was it was done and I got cut their record in my ten minutes in my bedroom honoree he might. I know my eyes now more of Americans are courting now that that my background is yeah. That is producing writing it was there. Well we know congratulations on that record in Manassas the preclude because just about three weeks away November 27 he got the new album cyber sex coming out was a bit like again that album ready you know having their final product ready for the people. Bad diet had a I. You got it. I mean I argued that our music independently released thing. My album they're my independence. It's are prepared. Work in the 101 like the label it a building for. It was building and and and and he liked you my personal items from my from my album you know if you take a very very small and you. You know support use IQ core. And bet though that who have. Defy anybody they want me if there's in this Andrews and really go physical you know. Britain say they take a victim. It says. You on your music out there guys. But they're getting ready as I'll was. And they do all kinds. We have we're Cecil parties listening parties like that where I think that separate you but the listening party just for. Magazine and listening party set in LA one set in the yard and you know like and then. You know we're just by all the artwork and everything like that in my mind me an artist that I worked where you know like all of Europe. Rubles then so gung ho opposite realize look in real increase these. And yet has been parties out there. Because as you know army brat. And it's been there has been cut it over by all the time means. You know Vietnam War and the and do. You know. And increase. I cried increase it for over a year. That that both Oregon senator you're you're on the phone via. My brother was like yes it is. Cream on synthetic supplement I gotta say. That. Well given all the hardships the ups and downs is awesome here about three weeks November 27. Drop in cyber sex which also happens to be your birthday is that by design or merely coincidence. That was planned. I didn't know that there was fire Monday and then make is way more. Well I know we're excited your fans are sad November 27 cyber sex Ayman upon my crystal ball right here I'm I'm stake in all of my BC and number one debut broke. They're the head we're. Bitterly and you know as reprise. We currently in use. Mind this rise in revenue. So that's an Osce join bro. Man think the yeah Leo are neck and it's a welcome humans in the these things. I mean all of is that there's a lot of really great he hears them outweigh we get your camera Leo oh law. We have group. Require. We. He means we have any we have all kind of all kinda. He's cool people even on my friends that are new artists like the day and usually pretty. It's all around it was really great if people. I think you are that by you where again. And it definitely. My most. They're roller and one on like crazy in the U you heard the last drop pleaded Santa Monica in the brain as that was it was kind of like. Brokeback made them you know. And then had enough is kind of like a mid tempo but it record you know. You know it it's got everything for that. There. Your fans are excited for November it's when he several summer six are really side of for tonight is tonight. You were at the patsy senator you guys going down with fallout boy you get a few there's a few tickets left you gotta go to altitudes it is back on a cop those. And you know black bear thank you so much for making time for us and talking to us and you know we're excited to you know watch you continue progresses artisan you know hopefully what the gates guy you know summer jam here pretty soon brother heroes. Mark are great summer.