Arsenio Hall Interview

Tuesday, July 18th

Arsenio Hall called into Big Mic to talk about his shows at Comedy Works South this weekend, Coming to America possibly getting a sequel, NOT being fired by Trump on the Apprentice and more!


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Stands on a seventh glad you boy big my demand I'm very side Iran had to get this man align his comedy legend who's gonna be here at comedy works out of the landmark this weekend. An awful movies and TV to host and his Emmy award winning the Arsenio Hall so which if that didn't give away I'll tell you right now we have Arsenio Hall it's a man. Let that big wreck you do it dug up. I'm sitting here at barber stopped calling you on the phone trying to get my hair right so Mike Vick will be happy. Gotta keep my Big Ten Mary that you need and on do man was gone I'll look at our band do a lot of uninstalled I mean. I hope you relaxed. Say he won't Netflix I know you would probably. And we. On the planet would love. To get check Sandler got everybody that you can't get. They like Sara Lee nobody doesn't like Adam Sandler and you to do is go grab a little blunt. And and we got. Are working on basically look to America's. Get a good script don't act and if we get a good script in the world. I was gonna say that's one of those films like going alas no 510 years ever once blossoms is Oates comments oh it's comment oh it's common now hear from your mouth that it might become and I'm very excited. Hey you know what happened that in this world but the barber shop which is the old school social media but in the world now I even saw a one seek. On the Internet where it was beat Kevin Hart and feet and it's that and I'm between a mean. And they knew it. For years people that it's always going to be its sequels what to do it and keep most that we like it. They can always say I don't wanna do if Hollywood. Gonna do the sequel back to depletion. Of the American public they can do the same jokes. I DN a little different. And you two would just put money really wants a good qualities script and doubt he has this deal with him to cap the script written but it. Great we don't have to do with so back a good deal packets at you Eddie Murphy you can get. Royale assay and an SI meet socio lot of days usually when yes on the successful they'll put out like 968 schools right away no matter OS that's cool that he's you know you know he's got. So much love for the Friday he won't let it go that way. Yeah and while we talk about mark these bands rested grace my friend Charlie Byrd lost a pair reached funny do you know. And I try to try to keep his name a lap when I can't because it was Natalie good. But he was quick to rip people don't realize you lost his wife. Shortly before you take care cute and on the world would located in DOE and amp. Rested he's starving person. As Charlie every time you stop by Denver you know is stopped by the station and and that that's a man who'd never had a smile off his face and I mean it. It is a deaf please don't deathly you know of somebody is that we missed in the sea in a note we Duff when a similar comedy. They think like you do stand up to the lover of the art form. On this a lover of the art form I've had set a bad several comedians LE got to try and I'm like it's like one of those things were in my hand I may be yet they got to do but. I imagine what you get on this stage it it's a totally different animal. All it is is it up I think it's the hardest thing ever but I always tell people radio TV I think until people can fail you know. It's something you should do what. He has that fear of public speaking and it's just something you should do what could we give you a lot about yourself. It ain't no joke made it hard to back coming back to its stay the way the twenty years old would come back you have your up. And. In April till you get on the you do fact mentioned you do ten minutes and regular keyboard. In love with the game I'm so glad it got that we have mine back. Because I've gotten lately and I wasn't on the stage a lot and you you you change you can play with standup you gotta. It's like a good what you got to. Try to do with the game I've basic in the go out to the club at least some night in what they got it. That people love to see Eddie mode via adults and not be standup I mean it's got a 162 in the pocket. Stick it. A little while more however the dead Doug go online at CT MZ say Eddie Murphy. Hit the stage last night randomly and Dario maybe maybe this week and atop dork you never know but whoever you reduce summer Jim I can go on stage in front of 181000 people just fine. Well we do they some of our comedy events I go in front of the you know like two or 300 people in their right in front you a much uh oh that's our sweat a little bit those totally different. Like I'll ultimately a bit you herein that are accurate in Chile that intimacy it to be two feet away. On the floor well. And Doug I'm wondering if you look into that big comedy and music geek you know kind of kind of secure. Your lifestyle. Dave Chappelle and Chris Burton wouldn't that blow out in New York. And it Colby everybody I'm dual and it's published Gambino it won't be single recorded. Execute. Tell that and bingo it left into the Glover and that's. And that part of you the artist but yet. It right now at a comedy special happier in the eastern. As first number one record ever is it big time her infamous Gambino. Yet as the week one and we all gathered in new York and do this Sunday night a lot of people that would both night and by the way you know that red ball. Then I'll say the word red bone in Mexico that you have since failed. And had. That's the goat as a very like I came up when they have at the Apollo the metric to metric is the doubles approximately one. Keep from one and that's all he never. Domestic and it. Everybody's movement was silenced and woke it will assess it walks. Like a I'll call him a quick and that would. We got I say they'll haul online music comedy works out this week you get those to get The Commodores stuck comic it's got a quote top U right now because. Over the past month. Had governed operating habit Sinbad Lisa Lampanelli and these are people who've been fired. By the current president of United States you're actually one of the few people that one. The Celebrity Apprentice you're at the whole way you do it you did got tired you won it all Manuel did when you're doing NASA noted ever cross your mind oh this the future president of the United States. While. I was on the one I won't I would along with Lisa Lampanelli. And it was cool to be the first black Celebrity Apprentice winner do you know I'm Rick Robinson. And it it's kind of weird because they're. He would talk about what they do and we you know he's publishing in that. Because in BC wants him to get publicity. That whenever he would say that people are around the listen you know. And it's sold was stock. That it we're going to meet celebrity and I'll play advocate and a tape the one I was on it came down immediately it. We'll let which was very. Very optimistic that played out that would that I was like maybe got don't want to black people's. One life. The diplomatic pressure. It didn't work out that way things went good and I just want to induce somebody jump the White House but in all the way to the door and it. They got to work. And you know what's ironic that the president that. Build a wall and the money list this long you. Can add your yacht party cookies and America. He needs a star Oregon has his wall around his house first in that we can start. All right quick to debate you have to build your first well will watch our. Because it won't with a jump you while you can't keep up a lot of America. Mayo an. Al wanna thank you so much for making time to look on a common 131 I know the mile high city is excited to get you here this week in the comedy works out it's a beautiful weekend this weekend if you do not have tickets yet. Fix that right now go to Tom York stock comment Arsenio anytime you're in Demi you gotta open invitation to stop by broke. But I appreciate you allowing me to tuck your audience in an end and accidentally. Will come I'd have a cheap which you which one day.