Tyrese Interview

Friday, April 21st

Tyrese, who stars in the biggest movie in the world right now "Fate of the Furious" is coming to Denver April 30th for Ladies Night Out Part 3 and he called in with Big Mic to talk about the success of his movie and coming back to Denver for a rare performance!    To get your tickets: Click Here

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Is canceled a 75 number one for today's that is music is big Mike and I gotta say I'm pretty damn excited right now to get this man on the line he has fought the biggest movie in the world right now fate of the few areas ends next Sunday April 30. He's right here Balco beautiful ladies night out part three we got tired raise what's up Matt good. Terms yeah. All. You had yourself valuable weeks. And credit yeah and it does crazy I just wanna say this everybody who when how. Support crass too experienced men who love you we appreciate that you. And we just can't believe debate and it might be number one again this weekend. We're just all humbled by this love us forward and that we call we made our brother Paul tomorrow. Life and it's one thing to say that you had you know the biggest movie of the weekend is the biggest worldwide opening in history of any movie fate of the theories make congratulations to you guys are thank you very we don't go to great memories. We appreciate. What I've you're gonna continue to celebration as you're coming back to the mile high city Denver Colorado April 30 ladies night out for three years you know it's awesome to see you on the big screen that I am excited to see back onstage doing what we all love what you do Brigham and music to the mile high city. No I don't I don't get how much and formed so I'm. I'm excited to be told him and a lot of folks to do and didn't order the giants to current and it is rare that you really calm investors. Well as. You've been making a lot of mistakes that bell to try and figure out how to explain this all laughed you know to. Ladies out there more model I love you I appreciate you and the ticket last. I'm sure you did interviews won't be much. Jobs did it kick and pastor threatened on home away. Real enough and take Comodo and promote it and it is thrilled to match I reached. Moment while bucket theory. There's only a few tickets lefties right get those cancels them five dot com usually he's not a part three this is April 30 is the man hour right here retirees is going to be there is part of the biggest movies Americans haven't seen that number one stop slacking get out this weekend. It sick of that as well it's an amazing movie. It was an amazing true view and you know that obviously there's some more after this retirees who once thank you for making time for us and we look earning next week probably would have.