Kim Kardashian takes Paris for 6 million

October 3, 2018

Remember the incident that happened to Kim Kardashian in Paris? 

You may have forgotten about it but Kim Kardshian West hasnt. 

The body guard that left her by herself before being robbed at gun point, is now 

being sued by Kim's insurance company for $6 million dollars.

If you said WOW, I did too but thats the amount that the insurance paid Kim K for the jewerly that was stolen

in the heist. 

If you recall the night the robbery happened. The body guard Pascal Duvier left Kim alone without any security

on a security, to head out with Kendall & Kourtney to a night club in Paris to be their security that evening.


Still, I  wonder if Kim ever told her securtiy to leave just so that her sisters can enjoy themselves that night..