Drake fans in their feelings

October 8, 2018

Drake has hit after hit and women, men and even kids love him but lately Drake has been 

cancelling and recscheduling Tour dates but many are in their feelings.

Here at KS1075 we love Drake too and know the fans adore him so we started a petition to get Aubry & the 3 Amigos

to come shut Denver down.

Yet today more dates have been put off and Drake fans want an explanation as to when and why this is happening.

 Drake's team did say earlier this year, in short they had to postpone due to production issues and wanting to be sure that you the fan recieved the best show, then later a Miami date was missed due to an illness. Not sure as to what exactly is happening but Drake fans are wondering WHAT exactly he will do to make this up to all of those that purchased tickets..