(Whoops?)... There Was A Physical Confrontation Involving Gen. Kelly & the ‘Nuclear Football’ During Trump China Visit

February 19, 2018

© Xinhua

A new report states there was a physical confrontation involving Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly, a Chinese security official and the ‘nuclear football,’ during President Trump’s November visit to Beijing, China. 

When the U.S. military aide carrying the nuclear football entered the Great Hall, Chinese security officials blocked his entry. (The official who carries the nuclear football is supposed to close to the president at all times, along with a doctor.)

According to Axios.com, a U.S. official hurried into the adjoining room and told Kelly what was happening. Kelly rushed over and told the U.S. officials to keep walking — "We're moving in," he said — and the Americans all started moving.

Then there was a commotion. A Chinese security official grabbed Kelly, and Kelly shoved the man’s hand off of his body. Then a U.S. Secret Service agent grabbed the Chinese security official and tackled him to the ground.

The whole scuffle was over in a flash, and the U.S. officials told about the incident were asked to keep quiet about it. Trump's team followed the normal security procedure to brief the Chinese before their visit to Beijing, according to a person familiar with the trip — but somebody at the Chinese end either didn't get the memo or decided to mess with the Americans anyway.

At no point did the Chinese have the nuclear football in their possession or even touch the briefcase.  In addition, the head of the Chinese security detail apologized to the Americans afterwards for the misunderstanding.