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A Strip Club Tried to Get Out of $3 Million in Taxes by Claiming Its Dancers Were Therapists

May 9, 2017

Ok so there;s this strip club in New York City called the Penthouse Executive Club. They actually tried to get out of paying $3.1 million in state taxes back in 2011 with  the most creative claim. lol  They said their dancers were therapists, and not strippers!

Thier arguments to the state tax department were quote, "what is provided is not entertainment, but rather a nontaxable service similar to a therapeutic massage conducted in a sensual manner or personal services provided by a sex therapist."

An appeals board didn't see it that way and they ruled that the club does have to pay the $3.1 million owed in taxes. 

I think you have to be objective to see how someone could reach a mental and emotional breakthrough when they have a booty shaking in their face! LOL 

(New York Daily News)