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Michel'le "Confused" By Dr. Dre's Threats Of Legal Action Over Scenes Of Abuse In Biopic

October 13, 2016

While speaking with TMZ this week, R&B singer Michel’le expressed her confusion at Dr. Dre’s decision to possibly take legal action if her biopic, Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’leairs as planned on October 15.

Michel’le revealed that she’d be “insulted” if the super-producer is alleging, through his legal action, that claims that he was abusive during their relationship are untrue.

“My only concern is that I’m not understanding — What is he saying? Is he saying that he just didn’t abuse me at all? Cause I’m insulted if that’s what he’s saying … I allowed him to portray his self in his story the way he wanted to portray himself,” Michel’le said. “And he allowed me the opportunity to portray myself in my story. And I think my truth will stand when we get to court, if we do.”