If He Does These 7 Things On His Phone, He's Playing You

April 4, 2018

ID 73217878 © Kaspars Grinvalds | Dreamstime.com

It’s rude to be focused on checking your messages instead of the person you are spending time with. But the amount of time they spend on their phone isn’t the only sign he's a player; in fact, there are plenty others too.

1. He won't give his password for a simple task.
Say they are driving and need to get into their GPS or check a message with an address and they technically don’t have time to look. They should be able to ask you to open it super quickly and get there. But if they don’t want to give you their password for a thirty-second check, they don’t trust you. And what is a relationship without trust?

2. He gets notifications from dating apps.
Just because they delete the app physically from their phone doesn’t mean their account is deactivated, and for some, you still get push or other notifications. Maybe they moved the app so you can’t see it? Regardless, why are they getting notifications when they are supposed to be done?

3. He deletes texts and calls.
Let’s be real, not a lot of people ever delete their text messages unless they need space on their phones, let alone call history. If they are going that far to narrow it down, there is a huge issue and they are clearly trying to hide something. 

4. He doesn't answer calls in front of you.
Sometimes you do need to excuse yourself to take a call, especially if it’s a call from work or a personal family matter. But otherwise, why do they need to go to the edge of the earth to avoid you hearing a phone call?

5. But if he does take a call in front of you, he's super discreet.
If they do take calls in the vicinity of where you are and they are keeping a low tone and is constantly looking at you as if he’s paranoid, I would take that as a serious red flag. It shows that the call might not be too bad but if you heard the person on the other end he would be in deep dirt.

6. He never leaves his phone unattended.
Most of the time we do bring our phones everywhere with us mainly so we don’t lose it and panic. But if he literally has to have it at all times, like waking up to pee in the middle of the night, he’s keeping it close for a reason. Unexpected text messages perhaps? Or Snapchats he can only open in private?

7. He feels obligated to go through yours.
If they won’t allow you to go in theirs for even a moment, why on Earth should he feel so pressured to go in yours? Maybe out of guilt or to see if he can find something to use against you when you find out about his behavior.