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Celebrities Who Were Reported Dead, But Weren't

May 26, 2017

 Celebrity death hoaxes have been around as long as there have been celebrities.  And the socail media has only made things worse.  TheWrap.com has a list of 50 Celebs Who Were Reported Dead, but Weren't.  Peep thses few....

1.  Avril Lavigne:  Dead by suicide in 2003, replaced by a LOOK-ALIKE!  Yes, because of the look-alike angle, this conspiracy theory is still alive . . . just like Avril.

2.  Eminem:  Car accident, 2009.  Swerved into an oncoming truck while talking on his cell phone.

3.  Beyoncé:  Died 2016, after not getting a cut treated.  Remember when she accidentally ripped an earring out of her head during a show, but kept on performing, even though it was bleeding?  She probably should have had that looked at.

4.  Miley Cyrus:  Killed by a hit-and-run driver in 2008 . . . then found dead of a prescription pill overdose in a bathtub last year.

5.  Sean Penn:  Found murdered in his home last year . . . possibly by El Chapo.

6.  Hilary Duff:  Fell to her death from the Kauri Cliffs in New Zealand in 2011.

7.  Paris Hilton:  Stabbed to death by a fellow inmate in 2007, while serving time for a DUI.

8.  Taylor Swift:  Left us in 2009, due to either a car accident or an allergic reaction to sleeping pills.

9.  Will Ferrell:  2006 . . . Crashed into trees while paragliding.

10.  Macaulay Culkin:  Pronounced dead by the Internet in 2014.  But at least he had a little "Weekend at Bernie's"-style funwith it.

11. Eddie Murphy:  He's been the subject of death hoaxes on more than one occasion. On Aug. 30, 2012, he has was said to have been killed in a snowboard accident and, most recently, was again the subject of internet buzz after the death of his brother Charlie lead to mistaken identity.

12. Denzel Washington:  Remember that fake news about Eddie Murphy dying in a snowboarding accident? Facebook tried the same story with Washington in Nov. 2011.