Cardi B Responds To Being Called Out For Her Use Of A Homophobic Slur

May 14, 2018

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In a video from one of Cardi B's old interviews where she talks about how she likes having sex with women, but could never fall in love with one, she refers to the lesbian women she used to date as “dykes,” and it started to make the rounds on social media again.

She responded to the video in a new deleted tweet saying, "WTF how am I suppose to know how to call them when in New York that's how we call it. I'm bisexual my self and I been involved with woman and my sister is a lesbian. You motherf--kers try to find a problem with everything."

Cardi then continued saying, "If I’m going to apologize for something is for not knowing what are the right terms to call people .You guys want me to be something that I’m not I’m not going to let you make me feel like I’m something that I’m not .Ya so quick to bash but not educate."