Cardi B Asks Haters To Buy Her Diapers After Video Surfaces Of Her Around Secondhand Smoke

June 11, 2018

Credit: © Jay Calderon-USA TODAY Sports

A video surfaced online of Cardi B at a club on Thursday night with her fiance Offset, who is seen smoking and blowing clouds of smoke in front of Cardi's face.

Tons of comments poured in and attacked Cardi and Offset for putting their baby in danger.

Carid clapped back by saying, “Since ya care and are so concerned about my baby, hit me in my DM for my registry and send me some Pampers and baby formula. Don’t just comment like you care about my baby, show it! Send them Pampers Don't drama that causes stress harm babies more than anything?”

@iamcardib and @offsetyrn celebrating @qcmceo_p birthday! --: #estwstphotos

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