Burned-Out Millennials Are Quitting Lucrative Jobs

July 27, 2018

ID 80566620 © Martinmark | Dreamstime.com

Millennials are quitting their jobs without worrying about what they’ll do next. 

According to a 2018 Millennial Survey by Deloitte, 43 percent of millennials expect to leave their job within two years. According to the Labor Department, the percentage of workers (of any age) quitting their jobs reached 2.4 percent in May, the highest level in more than 16 years.

One 'quitter' explains that while sitting at work, he saw his whole life flash before his eyes: 50-hour work weeks with a measly 10 days of vacation every year — and he didn’t like it one bit.

And, he adds, “I was the top sales guy for three years before I left. I did the Michael Jordan thing — I went out on top.”

Not every millennial is living their #bestlife after leaving a job.

But most quitters seem to have no regrets.

Last summer, Gracie Halpern ditched her six-figure gig as a copywriter at a major creative agency and hasn’t looked back.

Now, she’s back in her native Northern California, living with her family, freelancing in the advertising world and taking an online career coaching class. While she’s unsure of her next move, she’s at peace.