"Black Panther" Could Have a $165 Million Opening Weekend

February 13, 2018

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 Estimates for "Black Panther's" opening weekend keep getting higher.  It's currently projected to make $165 million over the four-day President's Day weekend.  That would be the biggest February opening ever.

"Deadpool" has the current record, with $152.2 million over President's Day weekend in 2016.  It would also be one of the biggest openings ever for a superhero movie.  The current leaders are:

1.  "The Avengers", $207.4 million.

2.  "Avengers: Age of Ultron", $191.3 million.

3.  "Captain America: Civil War", $179.1 million.

4.  "Iron Man 3", $174.1 million.

5.  "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice", $166 million.

6.  "The Dark Knight Rises", $160.9 million.

(Hollywood Reporter)