Logic Releases Song and Announces New Album Through Blood-Covered Video

Listen to his struggle in the new track

March 20, 2019
Logic performs onstage during the 2019 AT&T Playoff Playlist Live at Discovery Meadow Park on January 5, 2019 in San Jose, California


“The sixth studio album from Logic, Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind coming soon” read Stranger Things-like letters in a closing screen from Logic’s brand new video.

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On March 19, Logic shared a blood-filled video announcing his upcoming album Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind and debuting a new song, officially released as title track "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" on March 22. The song matches the album title perfectly, giving an inside look into his conflicting thoughts and struggles that have left him wondering if he’s worthy.

Honest lyrics grapple with the challenge of dealing with criticism from all sides despite giving his all through vulnerable songs. “Every time you drop a song / they say that it’s whack or retired / And don’t give a damn that it came from the heart / They tear it apart like Hyenas,” he raps in a flow that approaches the iciest he’s ever been.

Blood gushes from a wound on his neck and he becomes more and more drenched as the lyrics get increasingly cutting. A simple visual forces you to pay attention to the lyrics, using the shock value of the blood to highlight his battle before ending on a characteristic note of positivity.

“Put your ego on the shelf / And remember: love yourself.”

Along with a new album on the way, Logic is gearing up for the release of his literary debut. Pre-order Supermarket here, due March 26.