Special Interview with Local Law Enforcement To Air On KS 1075

Sunday Morning, March 18, 2018

March 16, 2018

Rick Crandall, from our sister station, Cruisin’ 1430 had the opportunity to interview four members of the law enforcement community who have had pretty significant roles in events involving police and tragic local events. Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz, Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock, Police Psychologist Dr. Sara Garrido and Aurora Police Department Wellness Officer Mike Pitrusu sat with Rick to talk about the impact of three recent officer deaths on the local law enforcement community and how their teams are responding. They also discussed how policing has changed and how relationships with the community have changed, in a positive way, as a result of all this. It is a pretty insightful half-hour that everyone in our community can learn from.

Aurora Police Chief, Nick Metz, Tweeted about the interview. 

This special interview will air Sunday morning, March 18th as part of Colorado Today on KS 1075. 

About the Guests

Sheriff Spurlock’s department lost Officer Zach Parrish on New Year’s Eve in Highlands Ranch; Chief Nick Metz has been a leader in creating bonds between police and a very diverse community; Dr. Sara Garrido, a police psychologist that provides support services to multiple agencies through Code-4 Counseling and the Colorado Fallen Hero Foundation.