Wife Desperate for a Divorce Sets Up Her Husband to Cheat on Her

June 8, 2017

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A woman who’s desperate for a divorce took part in an experiment to find out whether her husband could be tempted to cheat on her. The woman called Julie appeared on the popular YouTube channel “To Catch a Cheater.” She explained that she wanted a reason to divorce her husband so turned to the cheating experts.

The model approached him wearing a skin-tight dress, and claimed she was on her way to a Victoria’s Secret photoshoot. She heavily flirted with the woman’s husband, who is an accountant, and even squeezed his bicep. At one point, he told the model: 'I do enjoy going to the gym.'

She then suggested that they should go out on a date together, but despite her best efforts the husband could not be persuaded to cheat. He held his ring up to the model and said: 'I'm married.' Kristina ran after the man and squeezed his bottom causing him to shout: 'F*** you little girl!'

Disappointed Julie said at the end of the video: 'If he won’t f*** that, he obviously won't f*** me either. My life has been him and serving him and being available to him. I can’t do that anymore.'

Julie got lots of backlash online. One commenter said: 'This woman has got some serious issues.' Another person said: 'If you don't like your marriage then LEAVE!'  (DailyMail)