What YOUR Instagram Photos Say About Your Mental State...

October 7, 2017

© Martinmark | Dreamstime

SheerLuxe website has collected information from the likes of Harvard University psychologists, to understand the meanings behind every type of photo and filter.

According to the studies, people who flood social media with pictures of their partner could be insecure about their relationship. This is especially true if the photos are taken in boring settings.

Those who favor a warm Valencia filter are usually popular. They are also more likely to receive more likes online.

On the other hand, researchers found that users who post bluer, greyer and darker images, using the “Inkwell” filter, may be suffering from depression.

Those suffering from mental health issues were also more likely to post pictures with faces, however there was about one face per photo. This suggests that depressed individuals might post more selfies than others.

People who only post gym pics and photos of your healthy meals tend to be narcissists. That’s because narcissists often place lots of importance on physical appearances.

If you pose alone, dress to impress and never have a hair out of place, you're conscientious. These type of people are more likely to appear older than they actually are because they post about 'mature activities.'   (DailyMail)