Swearing Eases Emotional Pain, Feel F-Ing Better!

June 6, 2017

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Researchers split 70 people into two groups to test the Pain Overlap Theory, which says that physical and emotional pain share the same root processing system.
Volunteers were instructed to write about a distressing social event in order to stir up a corresponding feeling, and then were told to say a curse word or a non-curse word.
The results suggest that socially distressed people who swore out loud experienced less social pain than those who did not. They also experienced less sensitivity to physical pain.
The reason why f-bombs and such have a positive effect on pain is that they distract the person in pain and reduce the intensity of the ache. But the researcher cautions that cursing won’t fix for all our bad feelings. For example, it can’t relieve the deep emotional pain of grieving and other serious issues. Also, if people swear constantly, it can weaken its effect.  (NYDailyNews)