Spill the Tea With Cedes

December 15, 2017

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Jennifer Hudson Nasty Breakup

Jennifer Hudson claims her ex is a liar who is ruining her career. Jennifer asked a judge for an emergency protection order to stop David Otunga’s “continued efforts to place [her] in a bad light and tarnish her reputation,” according to other sources. She alleged her ex-fiancé “or a third party on his behalf” leaked “false” information to the press that he was awarded full custody of their 8-year-old son, David Otunga Jr., and also asked that the court find him in contempt for allegedly violating a confidentiality agreement. 

David filed docs this week calling out Jennifer for allegedly throwing repeated public jabs his way. In the docs, David points a Dec. 4 episode of "The Voice" where Jennifer is talking to Davon Fleming, one of the contestants. She makes a crack about her relationships never lasting.In the docs, David also accuses Jennifer of shading him with an Instagram video where she's whispering about hate and jealousy. She never says David's name, but he thinks it's all about him.He wants the judge to find Jennifer in contempt for violating the gag order.

 Walmart Is Letting Workers Get Paid Whenever They Want

Walmart is teaming up with a tech company to make payday come early for its employees.The retail giant announced a new “Instapay” service for its 1.4 million workers. The service will allow Walmart workers to access, before payday, half of the wages they have already earned. Instapay is part of a personal finance app called Even, which lets hourly and salaried workers plan ahead for bills, make savings goals and helps them figure out how much is okay for them to spend.