Smartphone Separation Anxiety Is Growing Problem

August 16, 2017

© Ocusfocus | Dreamstime

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provide huge streams of photographs and comments from friends, relatives and heroes which act as a vast and powerful scrapbook of our lives.

For many people, posting about their actions on social media has become a key part of their experience of an event and, in turn, the way they remember them. And being without a smartphone means you can’t be posting about your current activities.

According to researchers, “As smartphones evoke more personal memories, users extend more of their identity onto them. When users perceive smartphones as their extended selves, they are more likely to become attached to the devices, which, in turn, leads to nomophobia by heightening the phone proximity-seeking tendency."  

One researcher is concerned that nomophobia could become even stronger in the future as technology becomes increasingly personalized – and warns people not to become too dependent on their smartphones. “Recent smartphone and app development seems to inevitable increase users’ attachment, as the technology and related services become increasingly personalized and customizable. This suggests that users should be conscious not to become overly dependent on smartphones while benefitting from the smartness of the technology."  (Scotsman)