A Shocking Number of Us Don't Know What Ramen, Enchiladas, or Falafel Are

October 17, 2017

© Jayk67 | Dreamstime

This makes me feel slightly better about how clueless WE are about other cultures.  A new survey found 73% of British people think they're "very" knowledgeable about foreign foods.  But the rest of the results don't really support that.

Part of the survey was a multiple-choice quiz with a bunch of foreign terms, followed by possible definitions.  Here are five foods, and what people THOUGHT they meant . . .

1.  "Enchilada."  Most people knew that one.  But 6% thought it was an animal found in the jungles of South America.  They were probably thinking of chinchillas.

2.  "Ramen."  24% of people said it was the name of a religious festival.  They were probably confusing it with Ramadan.  13% thought it was the name of an Egyptian pharaoh.  And 4% thought it was a position in the Kama Sutra.

3.  "Tom Yum Goong."  It's a type of soup in Thailand.  12% thought it was a form of martial arts.  11% thought it was the name of an Asian pool player.

4.  The Vietnamese noodle soup "pho".  (Pronounced "fuh.")  15% thought it was an exotic fish.  Another 10% thought it was a "Game of Thrones" character.

5.  "Falafel."  5% of people said it was the name of a Russian poet.  Another 3% thought it was one of the components in a jet engine.

There was also one American food on the list.  It was gumbo, and the most common incorrect answer was . . . Dumbo's brother.   

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