The 'Real' Reason People Might Cheat More in Their Early 20s

July 25, 2017

© Hongqi Zhang (aka Michael Zhang) | Dreamstime

The study surveyed a small group of 104 "emerging adults" who were 22 years old on average, mostly heterosexual, and said they'd cheated on their primary partner in the past six months. The study authors wrote that they focused on this particular age group because it's thought of as a time of exploration and experimentation, and it's possible that cheating is one way twentysomethings try to meet "developmental needs" for independence as adults, and interdependence in their relationships.

What researchers found is that a majority of respondents (about 76 percent) said they'd cheated for "interdependence" reasons, and a majority of those respondents cheated because they felt a lack of intimacy in their relationship.  

About 21 of the 104 respondents said a feeling of unmet independence was the reason behind choosing to cheat. (RedbookMag)