IPhone X Supply Crunch Mean You May Wait Till February To Get One; ALSO: Facial Recognition Is Not For Children Under 13

September 28, 2017

© Jamen Percy | Dreamstime

The new iPhone X is expected to be so popular that you may have to wait months to get one.  

Experts are warning production delays and high demand will cause the phone to sell out within an hour or two when it goes on presale on Apple's website October 27th.

They say many consumers won’t be able to find the X in stock until January at the earliest but most likely will have to wait until February to get one.  

ALSO:  iPhone X's Facial Recognition Is Not For Children Under 13​

Apple has said children should not use the new iPhone’s facial recognition technology because faces of under-13s could be too similar to each other to protect phones from intruders.

The iPhone X uses a facial recognition system called Face ID to unlock phones, verify payments and gain access to apps. It has an array of sensors at the top of the phone that scan the users’ face and compare it to the model stored on the phone.

Apple says the chances of an imposter being able to trick the system are one in a million, making facial recognition more secure than the one in 50,000 chance that somebody else could fool a phone’s fingerprint scanner.
However, in a security paper on Wednesday it said that since under-13s’ faces are still developing, there is a greater chance that the feature may not work as intended and other children – especially brothers or sisters – will be able to unlock the phone. 

It recommended using a PIN code on the phone to lock it instead.  (Telegraph) (USAToday)