Chris Browns Documentary Is On Netflix

October 16, 2017

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Jennifer Lopez, Dj Khaled, Mary J Blige, Jamie Foxx, Mike Tyson, Rita Ora, Usher and others praise him through the entire thing.

Chris alleges that night in 2009 Rihanna took his demo CDs and began scratching them (he didn't have backups) halfway through "the fight".  He took his bags and left her bleeding in car.

Audio track of Rihanna talking about the incident on "Good Morning America" plays throughout, while Chris paints. (??)

An excuse: Chris' lawyer says the male's brain doesn't develop full impulse control until 25 and Chris was only 18.

Chris says he plead guilty cause he loves and wants to protect Rihanna and didnt wanna go to court and state that she hit him, too.

As a kid he told his mom that when he turned 15 he was gonna kill her mom's abusive boyfriend. Chris says after the Rihanna incident, he didn't see himself as Chris, he saw "that motherfu***r" (her mom's ex).

Chris talks about the 'chair out the window' incident on "Good Morning America".  Chris says he typically goes over interview questions-- what can/can't be asked beforehand -- but he was asked anyway so he was frustrated. He blames "an unconscious impulsive demon". He says he didnt throw a chair through the window he actually punched the window. "I was crazy. That was psycho behavior" 

Rita Ora says: "it's about time people see Chris for who Chris is, a loving, caring, gorgeous person". (NarCity)