8 Signs He Has 'Candy Store Syndrome' (And He'll Leave At ANY Moment)

October 12, 2017

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1. He has a wandering eye — and he doesn't even bother hiding it.

He raved about how great you looked when he picked you up for your date and he's been doting and affectionate so far.

But once you get out on the town, he can't seem to stop staring at every woman that walks by. He's forgotten that you are literally two feet away from him and that five minutes ago he was going on and on about how you were the most stunning woman he'd ever seen. Now he's far too distracted by all of his other 'choices.'

This is a major sign that you should run for the hills.


2. You never seem to be good enough for him.

He says things like, "Well, if you did this..." or "If only you would change this...". He likes to nitpick and he'll always try to find something about you that could be better. 

If a man truly loves you, he will never want you to change a thing about yourself. A real man knows that everyone has flaws. So the only thing left to do is wave goodbye and wish him luck in finding his imaginary perfect dream woman. 


3. He acts childish in other parts of his life.

There's a huge difference between dating a man who likes to have fun and dating someone who's just an overgrown man-child. He holds onto his childhood obsessions like video games and it's difficult to discuss anything serious with him because his mind always wanders to simpler subjects as a way of getting out of actually talking about deeper issues.

He whines when he doesn't get his way and expects you to always give in so that he will get it. He never picks up after himself and instead expects that you will do it for him. Well, newsflash girl: you're not his mother. It's time for him to grow up and stop complaining that adulting is so hard. 


4. He's always indecisive.

This is pretty much a complete guarantee that he has candy store syndrome. Just like a child that's unable to choose what candy they want, this guy can't seem to make a decision to save his life.

Whether it's something small, such as picking what restaurant to go to for dinner or something bigger, like a discussion about a passionate subject, he can never just choose something definitively or give an honest opinion. 

If he's this wishy-washy about simple things, what else will he have trouble committing to?


5. He has ridiculously unrealistic expectations.

His idea of women and relationships is so impractical it's like he lives his life in a fantasy land. No matter what you do to improve the relationship, it still never lives up to his standards. 

If you're constantly trying to fix something about the relationship just to please him and he's never satisfied, you need to run for the nearest exit. This is the sign of a very unhealthy relationship.


6. He's always searching for the next best thing.

And he's oblivious to what's right in front of him. He takes you for granted all the time. 

He seems distracted when he's out with you. He looks at his phone every five minutes and sometimes even sends long texts back and forth without giving you a glance. It makes you wonder if he's forgotten how to interact with a real living, breathing human being. 

And when you casually ask him who he's texting, he quickly puts down the phone and changes the subject.BIG red flag.


7. You're the only one who ever apologizes.

Like a moody child who refuses to admit when they're wrong, he'd rather stew in an argument for days than to ever be the one to say sorry. Except he's not a child. He's a grown man who's never learned how to apologize.

Arguments are normal, but what isn't normal is for one person to always take the blame. Men who never own up to something they've done wrong are untrustworthy and immature. Two qualities you never want in a relationship.


8. Commitment isn't in his vocabulary.

Anytime you try to bring up the future, he runs and hides. He avoids the subject like it's the plague. He has no desire to talk about or make any sort of plans for a future with you. This is because he's always searching for the next best thing. 

He believes there's something better out there for him, so he refuses to commit. He's always on the hunt for his next big catch — his next favorite candy bar when the one he has now gets too boring for him.   (YourTango)