The 21 Ways We Try to Make Up After Lovers' Spats 

August 9, 2017

© Emilia Ungur | Dreamstime

While men might offer sexual favors or buy flowers, women are more likely to turn on the waterworks or bake their partner a cake. Females are also more inclined to talk through a problem to try to resolve it.
Here are 21 ways that men and women attempt to patch things up after a fight:


1- Gifts
2- Compliments
3- Say yes to anything/ give in
4- Give each other space
5- Spend time together
6- Wait for partner to apologize
7- Make them laugh
8- Argue
9- Sex/sexual favors
10- Drink alcohol
11- Take the blame


12- Forgive partner
13- Ignore or avoid partner
14- Communicate
15- Compromise
16- Pretend that nothing happened
17- Involve a friend
18- Cook or bake for partner
19- Show affection
20- Apologize
21- Cry