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Trending @ 2: Tupac, Amy Schumer & Denver on World Star Hip Hop

October 18, 2016

Tupac after so many years he will always be a hot topic and up for discussion! This time it's because he scored a Rock n Roll Hall of Fame nomination! It took 25 years after his debut album for him to finally get this recognition, he was nominated along side of 18 other nominees that include Janet Jackson! Check out more HERE 

Amy Schumer not only did she get booed at her show when she talked about Trump but 200 people walked out on her also! This happened in Tampa, Florida and i think it's safe to say that. that part of Florida might be all for Trump? 200 people man? That's alot! To check out some video CLICK HERE 

Denver​ we made it on World Star Hip Hop! and it's not for fights or booty shaking! Instead for those who went to WWE last night, you freaked out so much over Goldberg coming back to the stage, it was caught on plenty of video cameras and shared all over! I used to watch wrestling in the early 90s, so I understand the freak out and excitement over Goldberg he's a BEAST!