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Trending @ 2: T.I., Oprah Back on Television & Paris Jackson the Actress?

January 31, 2017

T.I. One of his bodyguards was stabbed during one of his shows in Moncton, New Brunswick. Apparently someone stabbed the bodyguard in the leg three times. The cops got to the venue around 1:30 am and no word yet on who done it. CLICK HERE for more

Oprah looks like she’s headed back to television! Oprah cut  a deal with ’60 Minutes’ as a special contributor to the show. Seems fitting since she did have an interview with Michelle Obama on CBS and she can be seen periodically on the CBS This Morning show with her friend Gayle King. CLICK HERE for more

Paris Jackson seems to be dealing with things just fine. After doing a very open interview with Rolling Stone magazine, she models, sings and now she’ll be acting. Jackson is under the reigns of famous producer and writer Lee Daniels who’s known for his hit show ‘Empire’. Jackson will be on his new series ‘Star’ and word has it that Jackson has been taking acting classed for years! I hope she does well in this show! I have yet to see it, and I just might watch the episode that she’s on.


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