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Trending @ 2: Rehab, Divorce, Kanye & Trump, Jumanji and More!

December 13, 2016

Lamar Odom finally checks into rehab! A year after his almost fatal overdose the former NBA star has decided that it's time to get help. He checked into a rehab center in San Diego. That is awesome to hear,I hope for nothing but the best for Lamar and the fact that he did this on his own and wasn't forced is great. CLICK HERE for more. 

Kanye West  is fresh out of rehab and takes a trip to NYC! You might think it's for fashion but NOPE, West stopped by the Trump Tower to have a meeting with President Elect Donald Trump. The meeting lasted for about 15 minutes according to people who were at Trump Tower at the time. According to Kanye the talk was about Trump helping in stopping the violence in Chicago. CLICK HERE for more.. In the video you can see Kanye sporting his new blond hairdo.Do you remember Meteor Man that movie came out in 1993 staring Robert Townshed? Well, I think they need to remake that movie and cast West. 

Jack Black is telling the haters to shove it! Black claims that Robin Williams would love the new movie Jumanji. The new movie will star Jack Black, The Rock, Kevin Hart and more is set to come out in 2017. I've seen a few clips and outtakes from The Rock and Kevin Harts social media pages. Word on the street is that the movie isn't trying to replace the classic, instead it will add on to it. 

Mary J Blige is still fighting for her processions from her ex-husband. The No More Drama singer says that her ex is still holding onto two Grammys and a couple cars! As for the Grammy's that he's holding hostage, I wonder if they are Grammy's from songs that he wrote for her. Don't forget that he is or was her manager and helped in song writing. As for the cars, they are in her companies name so I don't think he has a right to keep his muddy hands on those.  CLICK HERE for more!