Trending @ 2: Queen B Holiday Swag, Prince's Wife? & Nick Young Fight

November 29, 2016

Prince, seems like there's a new surprise every week when it comes to Prince, his estate and so on! Now a woman has come forward warning the state to BACK OFF because she's his wife and left everything to her. According to TMZ, her name is Claire Elisabeth Elliot claims that there is a marriage certificate and that she's more than happy to produce the marriage certificate and other documentation. I wouldn't be surprised if Prince was married and we didn't know about it. He's a very private person, and if she is his wife I think she might be the sole heir and should be making these decisions. I want to know what she looks like, he's been known to date some hotties! CLICK HERE for more! 

Nick Young, I have to pause for a second. I don't know why all these basketball players are fighting people! Come on man! Yesterday we talked about Dwight Howard who got into a fight with a Lakers fan and now reports of Nick Young are surfacing. Apparently this happened at a basketball event at a church league game when Nick caught a tantrum and "beat the crap out of another guy on the opposing team" aka Luis Solis; this is according to TMZ. Supposedly Young's teammates also jumped in to kick Solis and now he's suing! I wonder how much of this is true. Nick young is a little famous, I mean he players for the Lakers and dated Iggy Azeala, so where are the videos?  For more CLICK HERE 

Beyonce is in the holiday spirit and she wants you to buy her holiday swag. One of her sweaters say "I sleigh all day "  they look cute when I took  look at them . Beyonce has holiday sweaters, t-shirts, under wear, tank tops and more,. My question is, would you buy Beyonce Christmas sweaters? CLICK HERE