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Trending @ 2: Oprah for President? Kellyanne Conway "Couchgate" & Parents are MAD at Beauty and the Beasts Openly Gay Character

March 1, 2017

Oprah is now reconsidering running for President. When President Obama's run was over, people were vouching for Michelle Obama or Oprah to run next. Both ladies have declined, but now Oprah is saying that she's reconsidering running for President and hints that it could happen for the next election. 

Kellyanne Conway broke her silence on “couchagate” this is ridiculous guys. If you haven’t heard about “couchgate” it all stemmed from Conway having her feet on the couch in the oval office as she took a picture of Donald Trump in a room full of leaders of historically black colleges and universities. Because her feet and shoes were on the couch it was deemed  a horrific site and a huge deal, people seriously lost their shit over this. Conway released a statement that read in part “I respect the office and I’m glad there is such a renewed interest in showing respect for the office.” Read more CLICK HERE. I didn’t care that she had her feet on the couch. My thing is, by where she was sitting there’s no way she was able to get ALL the leaders in the picture.

Beauty and the Beast parents are now in a little bit of outrage after learning that the live action film of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast will feature its first ever openly gay character. Director Bill Cordon told Attitude magazine that Gaston’s favored sidekick, LeFou who will be played by Josh Gad will indeed be openly gay in the movie. How is this news? Did they NOT watch the cartoon movie? I'm surprised that this is more of an issure then a woman falling in love with animal.  CLICK HERE for more.

Trying to explain this picture to my daughters has not been easy or without complications. #beautyandthebeast #daddyhaspsychoeyes

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