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Trending @ 2: Mariah Wants HOW Much for A Saks Performance? CMA's Take Down Beyonce, Drake Has a New Girlfriend? And MORE!

November 4, 2016

CMA's loved having Beyonce at the show however they couldn't handle the racist remarks on their social media pages. It was so bad that they took her mention down from all their social accounts. Comments from country fans that  used the "n" word and other racist remarks were removed along with the picture and videos of Queen B slaying with the Dixie Chicks. All I have to say is, Welcome to our world CMA's you should've left it up so people can see how some of your fans really are. Rose McGowan said it best called the CMA's head honchos "a bunch of chicken shits" ! Check out the video and CLICK HERE for more

Kanye cancels another concert because he lost his voice..again! This happened in Inglewood, California all I know is that you spent good money to see him here in Denver and he better have his voice ready by then! TMZ has more HERE

Drake  might have a new girlfriend! According to sources, rumors on the internet and Drake's Instagram, his new lady might be Taylor Swift! The two have been pretty cozy, she even met his mother at his birthday party! What do you think? I think they arne't an item, instead I think they might be in the lab together cooking up something GREAT for us to hear! But if they are a thing, thier break-up albums are going to be FIRE! (inster a milliton fire emjois here) 

Is that velvet? --

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Mariah Carey wants $1 million dollars to perform two songs at Saks Fifth Avenue for the holiday season! $1 million? I would pay her under these conditions, 1. she sings live, no back track, 2. she's able to actually hit her high notes, 3. she's on time and 4. she checks her supposed diva ways ... I think those four things aren't asking to much to get the most out of my million bucks, right? IF you could have a celebrity perform at your favorite shopping center who would it be? CLICK HERE for more