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Trending @ 2: Mariah Carey Redemption? Marc Anthony & His New Lady, Also an NBA Ejection, Was it Justified?

February 16, 2017

Mariah Carey tried to redeem herself on Jimmy Kimmel last night. She performed her latest song “I Don’t” featuring YG. She sang beautifully, however she has this awkward stance to her. You know how some performers will do a class on body language and how to work the stage even if you’re like her; a performer who just stands there. Even her standing still is strange to watch. Maybe it was her red dress that was way too tight.  Check it out below

Marc Anthony seems to be doing just fine after his recent split. He’s hooking up with a 21 year old named Mariana Downing who is a model for Wilhemina Miami. The thing is, fells, ladies what can you possibly talk about to someone who is over half your junior? What’s the conversation like? She is hot though, so maybe they don’t need to talk?


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Pelicans vs. Kings was a heated one as Buddy Hield was ejected for a nutshot on DeMarcus Cousins! In my opinion nutshots should cause for a heavy fine because that’s grounds for fighting. I’m surprised Cousins didn’t punch him in the face that’s what I would’ve done! What do you think, should the nutshots not only cause for grounds of ejection but also grounds for a fine?