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Trending @ 2: Kanye Handcuffed & Hospitalized, Ray J Has a New Diss Track and Who's Having Another Baby!

November 22, 2016

Adele told her fans some amazing news at her concert in Phoneix Arizona! The good news is that she's having another baby! 

Kanye hot topic since he canceled the rest of his tour and said radio sucks is now in the hospital. Last night his doctor Dr. Michael Farzman called police and said that "Kanye isn't violent but will be when police come to help him" He was then restrained hand cuffed and taken to the hospital where he's being held on a 5150 psychiatric hold. I like to think of it like this, every year in November Kanye West goes in a downward spiral and here's why I think it happens.

2007 November his mother, his rock passed away
2008 he had a tour that was set for the fall months which he canceled costing him $30 million dollars.
2009 in September he ruined Taylor Swifts moment at the VMA's, we all remember when he stormed on stage and said "I'm gonng let you finish but Beyonce had...." yeah...
2010 he released his album Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy which sold over 460k albums the first week quickly dropped to only selling 67k after that.
2011 we thought we had gotten the old Kanye back when he delivered one of the BEST hip hop sets at Coachella winning over his old fans and generating new ones!
2012 he's now in good standing with his fans by releasing an amazing complication album Cruel Summer and released word of his first ready to wear clothing line. Also in 2012 Kim Kardashian finally let him out of the friend zone and the two started dating. 
2013 We start to see him smiling again! Then he welcomes his first born North West into the world. But later in the year, the freak out Kanye was back. In November of 2013 he flipped on Sawy on his radio show screaming at him saying " You ain't got the answers" we remember that classic freak out.
2014 he got married!
2015 when he attacked BECK's win at the Grammy's.
2016 his history on canceling his tours and shows is at an all time high, along with his rants, childish antics and now he's in the hospital. 

Ray J loves a good diss track (good according to his standards) he released "I Hit It First" that had a girl who looked like his famous ex Kim Kardashian, then after that the diss tracks kept coming. Now in 2016 those diss tracks are STILL COMING! MAN! GET OVER IT! I have to say, this time he brought in Chris Brown and the track isn't  bad. Reading the lyrics and listening to the song I have to admit...that...I..LIKE IT! I can't get mad at this one, check it out below. I think that this track is perfect for Ray J and Chris Brown because it's about Kim Kardashian and Karruche Tran. I do think it's weird that he named this song Famous seeing how Kanye already has a song titled Famous.