Trending @ 2 : Jay Z & Madonna are Twinning, Derrick Rose Verdict is IN and Craig Robinson in Denver!

October 21, 2016

Jay Z and Madonna seem to have a lot in common these days! Not only do the two have amazing fan bases but they are also nominated for the Songwriters Hall of Fame! This is HUGE for Jay Z because he is the first rapper ever inducted! Candidates are only eligible after they've written music for 20 years!! How awesome is that!? 

Derrick Rose found not liable in sexual assault civil trail! This thing was ugly from the jump in my opinion. What sealed the deal to me was seeing that the alleged victim was texting Rose after the alleged "rape" happened asking for cab fare and talking about other random topics. What also makes me irritable is that after the verdict was read the judge was extremely nice to Rose and EVEN had the nerve to say "I wish you the best of luck except when you play the Lakers!" Then almost all of the jurors got a picture with Rose. In all honesty,  I don't think he would've been convicted, the actions of the Judge and the jurors prove that this case was going to be dismissed the moment he walked in the court room. For more CLICK HERE

Fast & the Furious know, I know! Another one?! (DJ Khaled voice) There will be another movie to add to the Furious franchise that will make it Fast 8! Vin Diesel said that this one is going to win an Oscar! I'm not to sure about that, the movies seem pretty basic to me. I love fast cars, beautiful people and all that is in the movie(s) however, I personally am not sure that it's Oscar worthy, do you? To check out more of Diesel's comments CLICK HERE

Craig Robinson is performing this weekend at Comedy Works! Of you you've seen him on The Office, This is the End, Hot Tub Time Machine 1 & 2 and more! So why not check him out tonight and or tomorrow night live here in Denver! I'll be there so let's laugh together! For more details on tickets CLICK HERE