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Trending @ 2: HGTV Headed to Divorce Court, Michelle Obama and Social Media Being Sued?

December 20, 2016

Flip or Flip the duo is best known for flipping houses on HGTV. Christina and Tarek have been going through a rough patch since rumors of Tarek surfaced of him running out the family home into the woods with a shotgun in hand. Now sources say that he's been having an affair with the baby sister! While that may not be shocking, Christina is rumored to be in a relationship with one of the show contractors for the past couple of months. Despite all the cheating accusations and the crazy gun tooting husband, the two have split for good and Christa says there's no chance in hell she will take him back. 



Michelle Obama  did her last interview with Oprah that aired on Monday night on CBS. She addressed what it was like to be called an angry black woman and why we need to support Trump. The First Lady, like many Americans, was not pleased with the recent election, and not just the outcome. Michelle told Oprah, “This past election was challenging for me as a citizen to watch and experience, it was painful.” While Michelle didn't like the election, and definitely didn’t approve of Donald Trump’s “locker room” talk, she didn’t want to focus on the past, but rather, look forward and hope that the American people learn something from this election CLICK HERE fore more

Orlando Shooting Families of the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting filed a federal civil suit against Twitter, Facebook and Google for allegedly providing “material support” to the Islamic State and helping to radicalize shooter Omar Mateen. CLICK HERE for more