Trending @ 2: Frank Ocean Sued by His Father? Rihanna is Gushing Over Who? and Tonya Harding

February 3, 2017

Frank Ocean and his father bring a new meaning to Family Feud. Looks like his father is suing the singer for defamation. According to lawsuits and sources from TMZ and Complex, his father is suing him  for $14.5 million over gay slur claims. This has to do with an open post that Ocean did claiming that at 6 years-old his father called a transgender waitress horrible slurs it scared him. Now his father says because of that he’s missed out on plenty of business adventures. CLICK HERE for more

Rihanna is freaking out and no she’s not blasting anyone’s phone number on social media like she did Azealia Banks, this time she’s gushing over Mariah Carey. Carey recently posted a picture of her in the gym, walking up a stair climber, wearing a black leotard, fishnets and a pair of Rihanna Puma high heeled shoes. You can tell she wasn’t working out but that picture does scream Mariah all day long.

Yo I made it!!! @mariahcarey in #FENTYxPUMA

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Tonya Harding is getting her own movie called I, Tonya that's expected to hit the theaters next year. She’s the figure skater who clubbed Nancy Kerrigan the top female figure skater of the 90s. She’s being played by Margot Robbie famously known for her role as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, she had an amazing transformation into Tonya Harding. Not only does she nail the look but she also nails her famous line when she told the judges to ‘suck her d****’

Hey Puddin's, #SuicideSquad cover of @empiremagazine is out today - come and get it! ------ HQ

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