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Trending @ 2: Drake Shattering Records, to Who Got Hitched & Prince on Netflix?

October 11, 2016

I love when people get married, when others reach their goals and dedications to Prince! Here's today's Trending @ 2! 

Drake is shattering records left and right when it comes to these award shows man! Not only did he have an impressive night at the BET Hip Hop Awards that honored Snoop Dogg; he also is making waves at the AMA's! He's nominated for 13 AMA awards this year! I wonder what he's going to walk away with!?! Oh the possibilities! The AMA's released their full list of nominees HERE  the AMA's will air November 20th, 2016 on ABC. 

Someone Got Hitched!  From Even Stevens, to stealing some ones entire play and being sued for it, to trying to rap in an embarrassing video on YouTube, Shia LaBeouf got married to his girlfriend Mia Goth. What type of wedding was it? Would you be surprised if I said..it happened in VEGAS?! Yeah, I'm not surprised either. LaBeouf did a live stream and took pictures both of which you can below HERE thanks to the Huffington Post   oh, and to see him "rap" check out the video below.... you're welcome

Justin Timberlake and Prince Timberlake knows how to make me love him all over again! This time he's doing so by blessing us with a new concert film called "Justin Timberlake & the Tennessee Kids" What makes me love it is not just that he's in it, but that it's dedicated to Prince! Timberlake says "Prince is such a huge influence on him that it only felt right to dedicate the film to him." AH! I'm excited the film will debut TOMORROW on Netflix!