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Trending @ 2: The Debate, Jamie Foxx's New Co-Star , and Which Rapper is Headed to Divorce Court!

October 20, 2016

Debate well folks the debate is OVER! Now this has to be the most important election of our time so far. We watched as these two candidates talked about each other, took jabs that made us cringe and more! Not to mention the dodging of important questions. With that said we need to VOTE, your vote counts and I don't want you to think that it doesn't! CLICK HERE to register to vote! If you didn't catch the debates, I have the videos below for ya! 

Floyd Mayweather has retired from boxing and is stepping into another ring! He scored a role in Jamie Foxx's new movie All Star Weekend! I was curious to see what this movie was about so I went to my good friend Google! IMBD says that the movie is about "Two buddies form a rivalry over their favorite American basketball player" should be interesting would you check it out?  

Vanilla Ice danced his way into out hearts again on this season of Dancing With The Star, but it wasn't enough to save his marriage! I hate to read people getting divorces or breaking up especially when they've been together for 20 years! Yahoo.com shares the story HERE , my hear hurts for these two!