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Trending @ 2: Chris Brown/ Soulja Boy Beef Gets PERSONAL, Lamar Odom & a New Male Fashion Trend!

January 5, 2017

Chris Brown & Soulja Boy this beef has been going on for a few months now all because Soulja liked a pictured of Karrueche Tran, Chris Browns ex-lady. Since then Soulja Boy has challenged Brown to a fight and is now claiming to be apart of a gang "Bompton" aka the Compton Bloods. Soulja Boy recently went to the hood where he was almost beat up just to prove that he's "down" man this is giving me a headache. Soulja Boy RECENTLY apologized for his actions because of his mother. NOW Soulja Boy is in deeper trouble because he brought in Chris Brown's daughter into the mix! Leave the babies out of this!

Soulja Boy posted a picture of Chris Browns daughter tagging him, his baby mother and Mayweather in it. As you can see he deleted it :

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Chris Brown responded: 

IM NOT PLAYING! Krossed da line...... We gone push this fight UP!!! I promise you are regret this for the rest of ya life

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Lamar Odom has checked out of rehab and sourced say that the former NBA player is doing pretty damn good! According to TMZ he completed his 35 day stay at the rehab center in san Diego. Odom checked himself into rehab over a month ago during the anniversary of his sons death. CLICK HERE for more.

Men Fashion Trend man I don't know how I feel about this. To each their own, I'm aware but the new male fashion trend is the CHOKER! Yes the ones that us ladies love to wear, that came back from the late 80's to early 90's! The male choker was on a fashion run way and some stars are starting to sport the trend. I must say, if we're talking about men's fashion and chokers, Johnny Depp has been wearing chokers for FOREVER! CLICK HERE for more