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Trending @ 2: Chris Brown Defends Himself, Reggie Bush Expects Another Baby and Paris Jackson

March 3, 2017

Chris Brown broke his silence in the midst of rumors that he has a heavy drug and alcohol problem. Sources closest to Brown told Billboard magazine that the singer does a mix of cocktails ranging from Xanax, coke, molly and lean  which is the reason why Karruche Tran left him. On top of that, they say that Brown doesn’t take his medication for his bi-polar disease seriously. Brown has had enough of the trash talk and released a video about him being sick and tired of reading headlines that are false about him. CLICK HERE if the video doesn't play below

Reggie Bush has more baby news on the way! It was confirmed that the baby he had outside of his marriage with an already married woman named Monique is expecting ANOTHER child with his wife Lilit CLICK HERE. She released the news via Instagram! Now Bush will have five children congrats to them! If you want to know what happened to the side chick, her husband is now divorcing her CLICK HERE for more.

Paris Jackson finally scored herself a big modeling contract! She now joins the team of Imgmodles and shared the news on her Instgram. Besides for modeling, Jackson also has a pretty nice singing voice and an eye for fashion. So it'll be interesting to see where she goes from here congrats! CLICK HERE for more. 

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