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Trending @ 2: Blac Chyna & Adidas, Drake's Dating Who? and Fifth Harmony Social Media Drama!

December 21, 2016

Blac Chyna is a wanted woman! Adidas wants to offer her a shoe contract, sounds awesome right? it's being reported that Chyna is pissed off because Adidas is offering her $250,000 to wear the shoes and apparel and to show up at events. She says that number is way to low and her lawyer is currently in contract negotiations.  NOW here is where the story gets GOOD, Adidas tells her she's a big fat liar! Adidas said they NEVER wanted Chyna as an ambassador that deal was never on the table. 

Drake and Jlo? the two have been spotted together recently and rumors are circulating that the two have been dating for some time now. I wouldn't be surprised if they're dating, J Lo is known to date some young handsome men and Drake is known for courting gorgeous women. If they are together, maybe that means some duets are in the near future? 

-- <-------- Lotta those

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Fifth Harmony  drama drama drama honey! After it was said that Camila Cabello left the group and that the were "surprised" Camilla released a statement saying that was bs and that the group knew about her leaving years ago when they would talk about solo projects. After Camila's lengthy response, Fifth Harmony released another shady response highlighting that "Camilia was unwilling to meet, go to counseling or hear out why the fans deserved another album" Check out the back and fourth below. 

The first official announcement of Camila's release: 

Camila's response: 

Fifth Harmony's response to Camila :