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OMG: Aaron Hernandez Commits Suicide in Cell, Kendall Jenner Gets Raw and Chris Brown Being Sued

April 19, 2017

Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his cell of an apparent suicide by bed sheet. Hernandez just dodged a murder conviction for the double homicide he did. His lawyers were very confident that they would be able to overturn his previous murder conviction from 2011. While preparing to go to court for that, looks like Hernandez killed himself. Authorizes have lots of footage to go through! Some people and experts aren't buying it for the simple reason that; a man beats a double murder charge, has a good chance of over turning his previous murder conviction and he kills himself? Maybe his guilt of his crimes got the best of him that's what some say while others call bs.  CLICK HERE for more

Kendall Jenner tells Bazar magazine that she’s not a Kardashian she’s a Jenner. By that she’s not wrapped up in the public life and glam instead you’ll find her in jeans and no makeup having fun behind the scenes. Kendall says she’s more like her father and everyone in her family agrees that she’s the black sheep of the family. When it comes to men, Kendall says that’s not in her plans in the moment or in the immediate future. She’s enjoying working, having fun, being single and loving life. CLICK HERE for more

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Chris Brown, when you want them to win they keep taking L’s. When it comes to him sucker punching the club photographer, not only is the photog suing but the club wants their $30k back! The club is claiming that Brown left early and doesn’t deserve the full pay. CLICK HERE for more