Are Your Registered To Vote?

November 8th is coming SOON!

September 23, 2016

Are you registered to vote?  The last day to register to vote in Colorado is October 31st! I know it's cutting it close to Halloween and we might be more interested in finding an outfit to wear(guilty) or dress up our pets; however, This election has to be one of the most important elections to date. Whether you're a Trump or Clinton supporter, we all have to get out and make our voices heard! One thing I don't like hearing people say is that "my vote doesn't matter" that's WRONG! All our votes matter! So why not take a moment and register! You might be like me, an import to this GREAT city of Denver, so that means we need to change our voting location! If you don't know how or where to do it  CLICK HERE  ! Remember the last day to register is October 31st!! I hope to see you at the polls!! :)