American Idol Might Be Making a Comeback!

May 3, 2017

For all my talented singers out there looks like American Idol could be making a comeback! A couple things though, it might be on a new network because ABC is bidding for the show now. Also who would be the host? Ryan Seacrest is now the new permanent host on Live with Kelly.  And honestly who watches American Idol in full? I watch solely for the auditions, I want to see the horrible yet entertaining people like William Hung, the good ones who got passed up like Tori Kelly and the Carrie Underwoods aka who won. Then I might tune into the finale. If they did bring Idol back who should host it?  I think someone fun like Zendaya or maybe a former idol star! Fantasia or Justin Guarini who fell short to Kelly Clarkson oh the possibilities!  CLICK HERE for more