Tyga Spends A Half A Million Dollars On His New Chain

April 16, 2019


Tyga goes to show that when it comes to flossing big chains he is the boss! 

The rapper dropped  $500,000 for this insane Archangel chain that features St. Michael trampling on Satan. Tyga contacted Ben Baller and IF & Co. Jewelry for the 18k white gold masterpiece, which weighs a little over 4 pounds.

The detail in this thing is crazy! St. Michael's halo features a pear-shaped solitaire of VVS clarity diamonds. Ben also added baguettes to the feathers of his wings. The Cuban link is also one-of-a-kind, featuring two different sized diamonds, and check out the vid -- the cross is a gem.

According to Ben, Satan getting stomped represents Tyga's haters being defeated. Tyga's new chain is also a nice gift after his huge comeback in 2018 -- in the music world, anyway -- with his track "Taste" helping him climb the charts.

While Tyga was at it he also spread the love by scooping up 10 extra smaller versions of his chain for his crew. Peep the video and pics from Ben Ballers IG post.

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Who just dropped $500,000 on a custom diamond Ben Baller chain? Tyga ... TYGAAAA???? Yes. Tyga. Some of the highlights: I set pear shaped solitaire VVS clarity diamonds in the halo of St Michael. I added baguettes to the feathers of his wings and even baguette diamonds on his sword. I even iced out the sides of his custom 1 of a kind Cuban link(I made the links with 2 different sized diamonds with the big diamonds having a pavé set border) The devil being stepped on represents satan aka the haters have been defeated and also specifies that @tyga had the biggest comeback of 2018 ---- #Tyga even copped matching pieces for his team. You know who to hit when it comes to making custom genuine fine jewelry. @ifandco NO CVD or HPHT or CE diamonds ever. #IFANDCO or nothing at all --

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